Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th February 2022 Written Update

Golu comforts Gungun and Garima. He asks Riddhesh to share their grief, they are one family now. Anu is going to explain Akriti. He calls her behavior wrong to misbehave with her mother. She says that if a mother is selfish, if she has abandoned her child for her luxuries, then… such a mother does not deserve respect, then my anger is not justified. He says we’ll talk later. Gungun asks Garima to stop crying now. Akriti says that Gungun is imp for Garima, this has been happening since childhood, Gungun always gets the love. Neeti says we didn’t know Garima has a daughter. Ankit says we shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone. She says yes, relationships are complicated. Anu says I told this as a senior, it is my responsibility to guide my juniors. Akriti says I know, thanks, tell me what you think, let me know if you think I’m wrong, I’ll think of you. She goes. Garima cries a lot. Gungun comforts her. Riddhesh apologizes. Neeti says we understand your grief. Anu tells you to take care of your Bua and yourself. Gungun goes. Anu finds it hard to make it clear to her, she cries for others, she doesn’t like me but clapped a lot before my performance, what kind of she is. Golu asks if you feel bad. Anna says yes. Golu says welcome to the married club. Yug jokes about women. Anu says I feel sorry for Garima. Neeti laughs. They start teasing Anu about Gungun. Anu asks them to get serious. They say we also felt bad to see Gungun cry. Anu says we should go home now. Ankit goes to Khushi. Anu tells about Akriti’s position, she is a junior scientist, all the juniors follow him. He says I explained to her not to talk to her mother like that. Golu jokes. Everyone comes home. Charu and everyone bless him.

Charu and Sunanda argue. Anu says I always need the blessings of elders. Chandru hugs him and blesses. Golu says: don’t touch my feet and put me in the category of elderly, hug me. Charu asks how someone can hug you. Golu says don’t ruin our emotional moment, I always took you to the science fair in my arms. They say that Golu cannot lift Anu now. Golu says yes, Anu has grown up. Anu hugs Yug. He goes to Goli. Goli cries and says that you have become a great scientist by studying in a government school, if we had sent you to a good school you would have made more progress. Charu says you have to work hard and have talent to get ahead. Chandru says that Anu is a diamond.

Goli says I know, you’re a great scientist, but don’t always be serious, chill. Anu continues to meet everyone. Neeti says you’re like my younger brother, stay happy, get my Devrani soon. Chavi says we should throw a big party. Yug says show me the check. Anu says Charu will see it first and decide what to do with this money. Everyone laughs. Charu checks the check. Chandru says we will make his marriage good. Charu says we will bear the wedding costs and earn FD from this reward money, no party now. They all agree. Charu says you’re all starting to think now, otherwise it might hurt you when I go upstairs. They say you’re not going anywhere. Charu talks sadly. Anu says you are only 60 years old, people get married at this age these days. Sunanda punches him and asks what you teach him. Anu says I’m just saying. Chavi says yes, the 60s are the new 40s. Charu does poetry and compliments Sunanda. She gets shy. Charu says everyone dies but few lives, I want to live with my family. Sunanda asks who stopped you. They claim. She asks Anu, did you get 10 lakhs for your essay, what did you write. Charu says you won’t understand. Sunanda argues with him. Anu says that article had my research from years. He explains Sunanda. Yug and Neeti tease Anu with Gungun. Charu says let him go and change now. He berates Golu. Sargam jokes about Chandru’s singing. Everyone laughs. Golu says we’re coming with you. Anu says there’s no point in talking about such things.

front hood:
Gungun calls Anu and asks his help in Akriti’s case. She requests him.

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