Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 2nd March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Paragi tells Prem that she really has no idea about raid and if it happened today then that’s a good thing only. He asks her that what is she saying. She tells him that to these kind of raids are common. And if he did nothing wrong then he need not to get afraid about raid report. Sushma asks her to not forget that Akshay’s family is Ashi’s future in laws. Paragi says that if Prem felt bad then she is sorry. Sanjay apologizes to Prem and Akshay. He tells them that Paragi’s higher officer raid the factory so it’s not Paragi’s mistake. And even if Paragi was part of the raid team then also that’s her duty so they can’t say anything about it. Vinod agrees with Sanjay. Prem tells him that he is not worried about his factory but their relationship.

Paragi apologizes to him for interfering and says that raid and relationship are two different things so he should not mix them. Sushma yells at her and asks her to stop talking. She sends youngsters inside. She pleads Prem not to break ties. Vinod tells Prem that their work related issues should not affect their children’s happiness. Prem tells him that Akshay likes Ashi so much so if anything happen to their relationship in the future then it will affect him the most. And he doesn’t likes Paragi’s double standard so he will take decision about the relationship once he receives raid report.

Paragi tells Sanjay that she does nothing still she becomes the reason for all the problems. He tells her that she did nothing wrong and it’s Aryan who gave leave to her and raid Akshay’s factory. She thanks him for understanding her. He tells her that they has to understand Ashi’s situation too and asks her to explain Aryan that Akshay’s family is good and they won’t do anything illegal.

She shows the icecream sticks to him saying that she found these in Akshay’s company during the inspection. He asks her that why she didn’t tell him that she is suspecting Prem. She tells him that she was not sure about it. She says that there is a possibility that Prem hided the children before the raid. He tells her that she is giving importance to her doubt over his trust. They hears Sushma’s scream and goes to the hall.

On the other hand, Aryan tells Arun that information getting leaked. Arun tells him that they are getting proof but not children. Aryan says that soon he will expose Prem. Meanwhile, Chanda learns that sweet shop’s staff Hemant struggling to pay fees for his child so she decides to help him with insurance money. She calls insurance agent but no response from other side. Shiva sees that and thinks that agent won’t pick the call.

Sushma asks Paragi to apologize to Prem. Paragi apologize to Prem saying that she is apologizing to him as daughter in law not as an IAS officer. Prem leaves from there angrily. Akshay asks Pathak’s to not worry and continue the marriage preparations. Pramod scolds Paragi. Sushma tells Paragi that the latter can’t participate in Ashi’s marriage functions. Sanjay thinks that Sushma doing wrong with Paragi and he is not able to say anything for Ashi’s sake. Paragi agrees to stay away from Ashi’s marriage functions and goes inside.

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