Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 28th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Baby tells Sushma that Sanjay is blindly in love with Paragi that he could not see that Paragi winning in career. She says to her that Paragi ruined this house peace too and if she was not an IAS officer then she would have take care of the family. But now Paragi even insults Sanjay to keep her boss happy because her priority is her job not Sanjay. She asks her to save Sanjay’s career.

On the other hand, Paragi notices Sanjay and acts like falling down from chair but he didn’t come to save her so she falls down. She asks him that why he didn’t come to save her. He tells her that he knows about her plan and shows the pillow he put to protect her. She asks him that if he is angry. He tells her that he is not angry at her but he can’t say that everything is fine between them until the case gets resolved.

She asks him to check his new project files and account. He tells her that he is checking the details which Pramod sent him and everything is fine. She asks him to approach the accountant and check everything by himself. He asks her to stop suspecting Pramod. She asks him to check it to prove her wrong. She says to him that she cares about him and he has to check it if he trust her honesty then.

Pramod tells Baby that he is leaving for an important work. She tells him that Paragi should not get any proof against them. He tells her that he has a plan to handle Paragi. He learns that he has an important meeting to attend. So he tells Baby to do his work.

In the office, Paragi tells herself that Sanjay won’t go against Pramod. Batra tells her that he wants report on Pathak case within 3 days. He asks her about media reporters issue. She thanks him for sending Mishra for help. He tells her that he can understand that it would not have been easy for her to become an IAS officer seeing her family and leaves from there.

Sanjay receives all the files without Pramod’s knowledge. He thinks that Pramod would get hurt if he got to know about it then. Servant gives food to him and tells him that Paragi made it. Sanjay eats it. He decides to check all the files to prove Paragi wrong.

Meanwhile, Baby meets Shiva. Baby asks Shiva to join hands with her against Paragi. She says to her that their common enemy is Paragi. Sanjay checks all the files and learns that Paragi is right about fraud. He thinks that Pramod knows about it or he might not know about it.

Shiva denies to join hands with Baby. But she changes her decision when Baby offered money to her. Chanda calls Paragi and asks her that if Shiva came to meet her. Paragi tells her Shiva must be in their area only.

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