Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 25th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Paragi apologize to Vinod for upsetting everyone. He makes her sit and gives water to her. He tells her that today was difficult for everyone especially for her. She thanks him for understanding her. She says to him that she double checked all the documents and she also knows that Sanjay is innocent but something is fishy in accounts for sure. He tells her that truth will come out one day. He thanks her for trusting Sanjay. He says to her that he just don’t want rift between her and Sanjay. She tells him that she will sort out everything by talking to Sanjay.

Pramod comes there and asks her that what she has to talk to Sanjay. He tells her that she is intent to send Sanjay to jail and asks her that why she can’t close this case. She tells him that she will fulfill her duty and asks him to not worry about Sanjay because she won’t let anything happen to him and goes inside.

Sanjay recalls that how Paragi told him to send Sushma to home. Paragi enters the room and tells him that she just did her duty. He tells her that he knows that. He reminds her that she said that she trust him and she expect trust in return. She tells him that she trust him completely. He tells her that she don’t trust him and if she trusted him then she would not have called him to her office for enquiry. She says to him that she don’t trust Pramod at all. He gets angry hearing her. She tells him that he is new to this business so it’s possible that Pramod is behind this fraud.

He tells her that she is behaving like detective now not an IAS officer. He says to her that they does business legally and no one from his family is behind any fraud and he will bring proof to prove that. She tells him that they should not discuss about this matter for now. He tells her that he is not understanding that he is talking to his wife or IAS officer and leaves from there.

Chanda calls Paragi and informs her that the Police came to arrest Shiva and Atul. Paragi asks her to not worry and leaves for Chanda’s house after informing Vinod that she is going out for an important work. Vinod tells Sanjay that Paragi seemed tensed and left the house.

Paragi reaches Chanda’s house and asks Police inspector that why he came to arrest Shiva and Atul. He informs her about Sushma’s complaint. Paragi asks Shiva and Atul what they did because Sushma would not have gave complaint unnecessarily. Sushma comes there and reveals about Shiva and Atul’s actions.

Atul defends himself. Pramod tells him that they have proof against him. He plays the video. Paragi yells at Shiva and Atul. They pleads her to save them. Paragi asks Police inspector to do his duty. Police arrests Atul and Shiva. Media reports about Shiva and Atul’s arrest. On the other hand, Sanjay and others watch news and learns about Shiva and Atul’s arrest.

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