Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 24th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Sushma asks Paragi to not forget that she is Sanjay’s wife and let Sanjay leave and finish the matter. Batra asks Paragi to take decision. Paragi requests Sanjay to send Sushma to house and come to her cabin for enquiry. Sanjay tells Sushma that no use in dragging the matter and asks her to leave for house. Sushma leaves from there. In Paragi’s cabin, Sanjay submits the files which has all the details about finance. Batra tells him that they need not to see that file. Paragi tells Sanjay that there is no problem in Sanjay’s coaching centre but financial fraud happened in the new university project. Sanjay tells them that seems like they didn’t investigate well because he didn’t begin the project yet and just finding investors for this project.

Batra tells him that, that’s what he also want to know because university have not open yet still students paying for tuition fees and asks him to explain it. Sanjay tells him that transaction have not happened yet. Paragi tells him that they investigated well and it’s money laundering case. He tells her that she knows that he won’t do something like that. Batra reminds Sanjay that he is sitting in front of an IAS officer not his wife. Paragi tells Sanjay that they have proof to prove their claims. And if he have any proof to prove his innocence then he can submit it.

On the other hand, Baby tells Sushma that Pramod went to meet legal advisor so he will find a way to help Sanjay so the latter need not to worry. Sushma praises Pramod. She says that Paragi didn’t support Sanjay at all in her office.

Sanjay tells them that these allegations are false ones. He is about to leave but Paragi stops him saying that enquiry is not over yet. She asks him to submit proof to prove his innocence within three days otherwise he may end up in jail. Pramod barge into the cabin so Batra yells at him. He tells Batra that the latter can’t question Sanjay without their lawyer’s presence. He gives court order to him and takes Sanjay from there.

Vinod tells Sushma that Sanjay would have explained everything to Paragi by showing documents and Paragi would have acknowledged it too. She tells him that peon insulted Sanjay today. He tells her that only Paragi can help Sanjay in this case. Meanwhile, Paragi thinks that she has to find out that when Sanjay become the owner of new company.

Sanjay wonders that how fraud can happen when they have not open the company yet. Pramod tells him that they are taking revenge on him for holi day. Baby asks Sanjay to not expect anything from Paragi because her motive is getting promotion. Sanjay tells her that Paragi achieved everything on merit basis and she don’t need anyone’s support. He says that he is hurt little bit but Paragi did nothing wrong. Sushma says that everything happening because of bhang incident. Atul reveals that it’s Shiva who spiked Sanjay’s drink on holi day. He informs them everything.

Paragi warns peon. She thinks that she didn’t get involved that time to not drag the matter. Sushma gets angry at Paragi and says that Paragi’s family is responsible for all this. Sanjay asks her to leave this matter and move on. He tells them that they should focus on the case and leaves from there. Baby asks Sushma that if the latter will forget this matter.

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