Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 21st March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Sushma calls Sanjay but he leaves the house without responding her. Baby tells Sushma that Sanjay must be going to meet Paragi. Sushma says that Paragi’s priority is her job. Baby agrees with her and says that yesterday Paragi’s talk proved that she cares about Batra and her image than Sanjay’s insult. She hopes that Paragi won’t take revenge on Sanjay using her power. On the other hand, Paragi signs on the summon to send it to Sanjay. She says that it’s really difficulty for her to sign on it. She adds that she knows that Pramod is responsible for this financial fraud not Sanjay but she has to do this.

Meanwhile, Shiva gets tired after doing all the household chores alone. She tells Atul to hire a maid. Sanjay comes there and tells them that bhang quality was good for sure. He says that if he wants then he can put them behind the bars but for Chanda and Paragi he is not doing anything. He warns them to not come in between him and his family and leaves from there. Atul wonders that how Sanjay got to know the truth. He asks that what if Sanjay take any action against them. Shiva tells him that Sanjay won’t do anything because he loves Paragi. She tells him that their plan got succeed.

Vinod gives tea to Paragi. Paragi asks Vinod that why always woman has to face many challenges. She says that she has to prove herself in everything. Vinod tells her that he can understand her situation. He asks her to take rest and face the problems and everything will be fine. She thanks him for understanding her. Sanjay overhears their conversation and thanks Vinod in his mind. He thinks that he knows that Paragi is angry at him but he can’t tolerate her silence. She thinks that he will hate her after receiving the summon.

Next day, Sushma asks Sanjay to focus on his career instead of wasting his time in convincing Paragi. Sanjay opposes her. Pramod informs them that investors agreed to invest on the project. Sushma asks Sanjay to work hard.

Sanjay receives courier. He gets shocked seeing the summon and looks at Paragi. Sushma takes the summon from Sanjay and reads it. She reveals that Paragi signed on this summon. She asks Paragi that why the latter treating Pramod and Sanjay like criminals. She asks her to stay away from their business at least.

Vinod tells her that it’s government who send the summon and it’s not a big deal so let Paragi speak. She tells him that he is here to defend Paragi like her lawyer. Baby tells Sushma that Paragi took revenge on them by doing this. Paragi asks her that why she will take revenge on her own family. Pramod says that first Paragi ruined Ashi’s life then insulted Sanjay and now this. Paragi says that she is just doing her job. She tells him that he won’t go to jail if he did nothing wrong then. He asks Sanjay that why he is not saying anything. Sanjay tells him that Paragi just doing her job and that’s not wrong.

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