Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 17th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Atul tells Sanjay that Paragi left to meet Batra without informing the latter. Shiva tells Sanjay that Paragi won’t hesitate to leave him for Batra. Sanjay says that, that’s not possible and he gets angry at Batra and leaves from there. Atul says that Paragi snatched his rights and money from him and even slapped him. And now he will witness the drama.

On the other hand, meeting gets over. Batra thanks Paragi for attending a meeting. He says that he would not have called her if it was not for an important meeting then. They wishes happy Holi to each other. She twists her leg while walking so he helps her. Sanjay sees them together. Paragi gets shocked seeing Sanjay there.

Sanjay holds Batra’s collar and asks him that how dare he to touch his wife. Paragi asks him to leave Batra. Sanjay denies. He asks Batra that why the latter called Paragi to office on Holi day. Batra asks Paragi to handle her husband. He tells her that he can answer Sanjay but he is not in a condition to understand anything. She apologizes to him.

Sanjay tells Batra that the latter can’t leave until he finish his talks. He messes up the room by throwing the files. Paragi asks him to not create a drama in her office. She says that Batra is her boss. Sanjay tells her that he is her husband and how can she take Batra’s side in front of him. He asks her that if Batra is just her boss or something else. Paragi and Batra asks Sanjay to shut up.

Shiva and Atul waits to witness the drama. Ashi thinks that they could be thieves and asks them to leave the house. They pushes Ashi and runs from there. Sanjay tells Batra that it’s his first Holi with Paragi but the latter ruined it. He questions Paragi and Batra’s relationship. He throws the name board and it hits Batra’s head. People comes there hearing noise. Paragi splashes water on Sanjay’s face. One guy records it.

Later, Vinod asks Ashi to stop thinking about dhol people. Pramod wonders that where Paragi took Sanjay on festival day.

Paragi asks Sanjay to come to sense. He asks her that why she came to meet Batra. She tells him that tomorrow he will regret. He says that he is regretting already and he is a loser not achiever like her and Batra. He apologizes to her for creating a drama in her office. He says that Batra coming in between him and Paragi. She tells him that Batra is just her boss. He asks her that if she is sure about it. She asks him that how can he even think about her like this. Abhay comes there and takes Sanjay from there.

Later, Sushma asks Baby to call Abhay to know about his whereabouts. Abhay brings Sanjay home. Everyone gets worried seeing Sanjay.

Paragi cleans Batra’s cabin. She apologizes to Batra for Sanjay’s behaviour. He tells her that he is not interested in her personal life and he called her for a meeting only. She tells him that she knows him. He says that his name should not come in between Paragi and Sanjay because it will ruin his and Paragi’s reputation. She pleads him to not take any action against Sanjay. He says that he won’t file any case against Sanjay but it should not repeat.

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