Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 16th March 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Paragi bidding bye to Chanda and leaves from there. Atul asks Shiva that what is she planning to do. She tells him that she got an idea to ruin Paragi’s Holi celebration. She says that tomorrow they will get revenge for that slap. Next day, Paragi draws moustache on Sanjay’s face when he is sleeping. She takes Vinod’s blessings and wishes happy Holi to him. He is about to apply color on her but Abhay stops him saying that Sanjay wanted to apply color on Paragi, first. Paragi wishes happy Holi to Ashi and Abhay. She goes to Sushma. Vinod understands the awkward situation and he tells Paragi to prepare to celebrate Holi with Sanjay.

Sanjay comes there and everyone laughs seeing his face. He asks them that why they are laughing at him. Abhay shows the mirror to him. Sanjay gets shocked seeing his face. He asks them that who is behind this. Sushma says that it must be Abhay’s work. Abhay tells her that Paragi is responsible for this not him. Paragi tells Sanjay that she already warned him to stay alert. Sushma scolds her. Paragi tells her that today is Holi and she did it for fun. Sanjay asks Sushma to not feel bad. Paragi apologizes to Sushma.

Sanjay goes inside to change his dress. Paragi follows him. He applies color on his face. Then he rubs his face on her cheeks to apply color on her face ( Lahu muh lag gaya song plays in the background ). She looks at her watch and thinks that she has a meeting at 11am. After some time, everyone plays Holi with flowers ( Balam pichkari song plays in the background ). Sanjay drags Paragi aside and plays with her ( Tum tak song plays in the background ).

Shiva and Atul comes there with dhol. No one could identify them because their face is filled with colors. Shiva mixes drug in the bhang. Atul gives that bhang glass to Sanjay. Paragi thinks that she has to leave for office now. Shiva tells Atul that everything going on according to their plan. Everyone goes out to play Holi. Paragi leaves for office.

In the office, Batra thinks that Paragi must have forget about meeting and busy with Holi party so she won’t come. Paragi enters his cabin. They begins the meeting.

On the other hand, Sanjay asks Atul to play dhol again. Atul plays it and asks Sanjay to take some rest. Sanjay tells him that he have seen him somewhere. Atul changes the topic. Sanjay gets drunk because of bhang. He asks about aeroplane. Atul tells him that nowadays Paragi flies a lot because she is an IAS officer. He says that everyone refers Sanjay as looser husband of an IAS officer. Shiva tells him that Paragi may leave Sanjay for Batra. Atul informs Sanjay about the meeting. He tells him that Batra will snatch Paragi from the latter. He says that Paragi even lied to Sanjay. Shiva tells Sanjay that Paragi left to meet Batra.

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