Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 8th February 2022 Written Update

Paragi Coming To Parashar’s Shop. Parashar Apologizes To Her And Says Your Head Is Lowered Infront Of Your Sasural Due To Me. Paragi Says No, My One Papa Helped Other Papa. Parashar Says I Don’t Want To Take Any Help From Your Sasural. Paragi Says Not Always Sasural Is Problematic And Says Sometimes Even Mayka People Create Problems. She Says It Is Not Our Culture That The Girl’s Family Shall Stand With Their Head Low, And Says Sanju Said That We Shall Do The Changes At Home Before Changing The Society. She Asks Parashar To Think Sanjay As His Son, And Asks If The Lecture Is Much. Parashar Says I Am Getting Sweets Made For Your Results. Paragi Says I Am Thinking If I Will Be Selected. Parashar Says You Will Be Selected Surely. Paragi Says She Will Come Running To Him If Selected.

Sushma And Everyone See Sorry On The Paratha Served In Their Plates. Everyone Looks Surprisingly. Vinod Says It Is Youngsters Right To Do Mistakes And Elders’ Right To Forgive. He Asks Everyone To Roll The Paratha And Chew It. Everyone Rolls The Paratha And Have It. Paragi Smiles. Sanjay Tells Paragi That He Likes Her Idea. Paragi Says I Have To Put The Efforts, But You Win Heart With Your Cuteness. Sanjay Says Your Efforts Result Will Come Tomorrow And Everyone Will See It. Sanju Asks For His Paratha. Paragi Shows I Love You On The Paratha. He Smiles And Eats It. Hasi Ban Gaye Plays….

Parashar Is Making Laddoos. Chanda Asks If There Is A Big Order? She Then Understands That Tomorrow Is Paragi’s Result And That’s Why He Is Making It. He Says Destiny Is Bad And Can Reverse At Anytime. Chanda Says Your Laddoo Is Getting Small And Big Due To Your Poetry. She Thinks Nothing Can Happen To Him, Even If His Children’s Life Are Ruined. Parashar Thinks To Make Special Car Shaped Cake For Paragi.

In The Night, Sanjay Asks Paragi To Sleep And Says Result Will Be Out Tomorrow And List Is Made. Paragi Says She Can’t Sleep In Tension. He Asks What Will Happen In Tension. Paragi Says It Is Easy To Give Lecture. He Asks Her To Sleep Silently. Paragi Says She Is In Tension. He Says Shall We Go Out. She Says No. He Asks Her To Sleep Then. Light Goes Off. Sanjay And Paragi Dance. Paragi Thanks Him. Sanjay Says I Love You.

Next Day, Paragi Asks Herself To Think Positive And Thinks You Will Get Selected Soon. Sanjay Says She Shall Have Positive Vibes And Tells That They Shall Go To Centre Directly. They Leave. Paragi Says I Got Your Support, Now Selection Shall Happen. Vinod Does Aarti Of Paragi And Blesses Her, And Says I Will Pray That Sainath’s Blessings Be Showered On You Always. He Blesses Her. Paragi Thanks Him And Says Your Words Matter To Me Equally Like Today’s Result. She Touches His Feet And Takes His Blessings. Abhay Wishes Her, All The Best. Paragi Says Thank You Abhay. Sanjay Says We Shall Leave. Paragi Folds Her Hands Before Sushma, Nutan And Others And Goes. Vinod Asks Abhay To Keep The Plate In The Puja House. He Tells Sushma That She Shall Forget And Move On.

Pramod Asks How Can You Give Her Respect? Vinod Says Paragi Deserves It. Pramod Blames Paragi For Whatever Happened To Him Due To Paragi, And Says You Sit In The Shop And Sell Books, But I Have To Earn Money Which You Give For Charity, And This Big Loan, I Have To Repay. Vinod Feels Bad. Pramod Says I Am Sorry. Sushma Goes Behind Vinod. Nutan Scolds Pramod For His Behavior With Vinod. She Goes. Baby Says You Said Much. Pramod Says I Had To Tell, As MLA’s PA Is Harassing Me Since The Papers Changed, And That Girl Went To Check Her Result.

Sanju Tries To Start The Bike. Paragi Asks What Happened To It. Sanju Says It Will Start. He Tries To Start. Paragi Asks Him To Try. Parashar Calls Her. Paragi Says Happy Anniversary. Parashar Asks Her To Go And See The Result. Paragi Asks Him To Give Gift To Badi Mummy. Parashar Says Do You Think That I Will Give Her Gift. Paragi Says She Is Learning From Sanju And Papa, That They Shall Forgive The Persons Doing Mistake. She Says If Result Is Positive Then She Will Have Sweets With His Hand. Sanju Manages To Start The Bike. They Sit And Ride Off. He Takes A Short Cut And Suddenly His Bike Touches Some Boxes And It Fall Down. Paragi Shows The Time. Sanju Thinks How They Will Reach There.

Precap: Paragi And Sanjay Ask People On Road To Give Their Mobiles So That They Can Check Their Result. Everyone Gives Their Mobiles. Sanjay Tells Paragi That Her Name Is Not There In The List. Paragi Is Shattered And Sits On The Road.

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