Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 5th January 2022 Written Update

Bua tells them that he chose a girl for Pramod and Vinod. And for Aashi too, she is only looking for a boyfriend because, as the elder of this family, she is her responsibility. She says that they should have informed her of what is going on here if she knew, then she would not have given her words to the girl’s family. Sanjay tells him that Paragi accepted the marriage proposal only before “Puja” and would have called her first to inform him of her because for him she is not only a bua, but also her mummy Badi of hers. And he learned so many things just from her, but he got engaged to Paragi.

He asks her not to force him and apologizes saying that he cannot accept the marriage proposal that she presented to him. She says that he goes against her decision. She reminds Sushma of how she was raising Sanjay. She tells Sanjay that Paragi is not the right choice for him. He tells her that Paragi is her love. He says that the Girl Girl family will come tomorrow and she also wants to see who he will choose and she will enter.

On the other hand, Aditi remembers how Mayank asked him to arrange money for the Gulshan case. She sees Paragi sleeping and tries to steal her bracelet, but she hides hearing Chanda’s voice. Chanda puts the glass of milk on the table and is happy thinking that she does not need to give the dowry to Sanjay’s family and she wants Paragi to leave the house as soon as possible and leave the room. Paragi wakes up and notices Aditi leaving the room. Aditi lies that she brought him milk and leaves the room.

Sanjay asks his parents how Bua can make this big decision without talking to him. He asks them to talk to Bua. Meanwhile, Bua tells Pramod and Devi that they should have informed her before her. She says that the girl she chose will live as Sanjay’s shadow and she knows that Sanjay will agree to this marriage proposal and furthermore, Vinod and Sushma will not disrespect her decision.

Vinod tells Sanjay that he can understand it, but that he and Pramod cannot go against Bua. Sanjay tells her that now he can understand how Paragi would have felt when asked to choose between two options. He says that he can’t break Bua’s heart and that he can’t leave Paragi either. He feels suffocated and leaves the house.

Later, Sushma worries about Sanjay. She prevents Bua from leaving the house. Bua asks him to reject Paragi. Vinod tells him that Sanjay’s love for Paragi stops him. Pramod tells him that nothing is above Bua’s respect and reminds him that everything Bua did for them. Bua asks Vinod to think that she is dead like her parents and heads for the door. Sanjay stops her and agrees to meet the girl who the last one chose him.

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