Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 5th February 2022 Written Update

Vinod Thanking MLA Saheb For Coming For Their Saraswati Puja. MLA Tells That Only You Does The Puja With Devotion And I Have Come Here To Take Maa’s Blessings. Pramod Tells That Sanjay Is Handling The Project. MLA Asks About His UPSC. Sanjay Says My Focus Will Be On This Project. MLA Says He Is Now Sure About The Project. Pramod Tells MLA’s Assistant That He Gave Project To Sanjay, On His Sayings. The Assistant Says I Will Get The Project Passed By MLA And Asks For His Work. Pramod Gives Him Competitive Exam Papers And Says Your Son Will Pass If He Reads This. The Assistant Says Ok And Falls Down, And The Papers Also Fall Down From His Hand. Paragi Picks The Papers And Sees It. She Thinks From Where The Competitive Exam Papers Came To Chachu, It Is Not Yet Done.

Sanjay Is In Call With Pramod And Comes To His Bike. He Sees Someone Writing Notes Sitting On His Bike And Says This Is My Bike. The Guy Says Sorry. Sanju Asks What Were You Doing, Studying Or Using Social Media. The Guy Says I Was Using The Wifi Here, I Work Here In Day Time And Tells That He Is Preparing For UPSC And Making Its Notes, As Papa Tells That Destiny Is Not In Our Hands, But Hardwork Is. Sanju Recalls Paragi’s Passion For UPSC.

Paragi Thinks About The Papers And Thinks If She Shall Talk To Sanju. Sanju Comes There. Paragi Asks What Happened, Are You Okay? Sanju Recalls The Guy’s Passion Like Paragi For UPSC. Paragi Says You Have Gone For Meeting And Asks If Something Happened. Sanju Says Nothing. He Recalls Pramod And Sushma’s Words, And Tells Paragi That His Dream Was UPSC And Says I Will Think About My Dream Seriously Once Again. He Says I Have This House, All Facilities, Motivation, And Says One Thing Is Not With Me, That Is Myself. He Tells About The Guy, Who Has No Facilities, But He Has Passion For UPSC. He Says He Has Same Passion Like You And Tells That May Be I Was Not Passionate As You, And That’s Why I Couldn’t Clear It. He Says I Will Think About My UPSC Before Taking Any Decision. Paragi Says I Am So Happy. Sanju Thanks Her.

Paragi Thanks Saraswati Maa And Says My Sanju Has Decided To Think About UPSC, She Gets Thankful. She Goes To The Kitchen And Eats Sugar. She Sees Pramod And Thinks I Shall Not Involve Sanju In Papers Leak, And Thinks I Have Understood Now After Whatever Happened In Marriage, That The Proof Shall Be As Big As The Question. Sushma Tells Nutan That She Don’t Want To Force Sanju To Do Anything. He Says If You Will Let Him Do UPSC If He Comes In Paragi’s Talks And Says Once Sanju Takes Up This Project Then He Will Be A Successful Businessman And Says We Have To Make His Status And Position So Big That Paragi’s Status Gets Hidden Behind Him. Paragi Thinks The Lines On The Papers Was Due To Printer. She Goes To Printer And Checks The Same Line Appearing On The Papers. She Thinks Those Papers Printout Was Taken Out From This Printer. She Thinks This Is The Proofs Against Chacha Ji. Pramod Tells That He Will Mail The File From His Laptop. Paragi Opens Pramod’s Laptop And Sees The Question Paper In The Printer. Baby Calls Pramod. Pramod Is About To Go Back. He Comes To Paragi And Closes Laptop On Her Hands, And Asks How Dare You To Open My Laptop. He Says You Are Practicing Raid Before Becoming IAS And Says You Will Not Get Anything From My Laptop. Paragi Says I Don’t Want To Get Anything, But Sadly I Got It. She Says You Are Leaking Competitive Exam Papers And Gave Papers To MLA’s PA. She Says I Will Expose Your Betrayal Infront Of The Family And Will Tell Everyone. Pramod Deletes The Folder To Save Himself. Paragi Is Shocked. Pramod Says All The Proofs Are Deleted And Asks What She Will Do Now. He Asks Her To Go Ahead And Complain To Whoever She Wants And Says I Want To See, What IAS Girl Can Do With Me.

Next Day, He Calls Sanju And Says We Have A Meeting. Sanju Comes There And Thanks Pramod For Showing So Much Trust On Him. He Says I Have Not Decided, But I Will Prepare For UPSC As Well, Along With This Project. Pramod Says Do Whatever You Want, But Your Name Will Sparkle With This Project. Sanju Says Ok, I Will Come After Taking Maa’s Blessings. He Goes. Pramod Tells Paragi That You Have Disappointed Me, And Says You Don’t Have Any Proofs. Paragi Thinks If I Stay Quietly And Let This Happen, Then How Can I Say That I Want To Become An IAS. She Asks Sainath To Show The Way. Just Then Door Bell Rings, Delivery Boy Says He Came To Deliver Baby Pathak’s Salar. Paragi Takes It And Says Vishal You. Vishal Also Recognizes Her. He Tells That He Couldn’t Become Engineer, As The Papers Were Leaked And That’s Why He Was Left Behind. He Says I Am Happy That You Have Cleared This Exam And Says I Will Leave Now. Paragi Calls Romi And Says I Have An Important Work With Your Brother, Who Works In Newspaper. She Thinks She Shall Become Capable Of IAS Chair.

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