Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 1st February 2022 Written Update

Paragi Promising Sanjay And Says She Will Prepare Well For The Interview And Thanks Him For Understanding Her Feelings. He Asks Her To Study And Makes Her Sit On The Chair. He Goes To The Bed And Sits. He Sees Paragi Preparing For The Interview And Prays To Sainath Ji To Fulfill Her Dream. Paragi Looks At Him And Smiles. He Tries To Sleep. In The Morning, Sushma Prays To Sainath Ji And Recalls Chanda’s Words. She Tells That She Is Worried About Sanju And His Troubles. Nutan Comes There And Shows The Newspaper In Which Paragi’s Pic Is Published With MLA And Sanjay’s Pic Is Cropped. Sushma Asks If My Son Deserve This. Paragi Gets Ready To Go For Interview And Slips. Sanjay Holds Her.

Paragi Says She Is Doing The Work Fast So That She Don’t Get Late. He Says Driver Is Waiting Outside And Will Drop And Bring You Back Home. He Tells Her That Today Her Dreams Will Be Fulfilled And Asks Her Not To Think Anything. Paragi Says I Will Cross This Path Too. She Comes To Hall And Tells That She Needs Everyone’s Blessing Today, As She Is Going To Give The Interview For UPSC. Sushma Asks Her To Take The Aarti. Paragi Takes Aarti. Sushma Says It Is The Test For You, Sainath Ji Shall Bless You To Take The Right Decision. Paragi Gets Glad. Sushma Says I Didn’t Give You Aarti For This, And Shows The Newspaper In Which Sanjay’s Pic Is Cropped. She Gives Her Newspaper In One Hand And Photo Frame In Her Other Hand. She Says Today Is Your Test, You Have To Choose Between Two Pics, One Is That Your Pic With MLA, Where You Are Happy, But You Are Alone, Without Your Husband And Family. She Asks If You Will Choose The Photo Frame, Where Everyone Is There, But Your Dreams Are Not There. She Asks Her To Make A Choice And Asks Whom You Will Choose? Paragi Finds Herself In The Same Situation, When Chanda Had Asked Her To Choose Between Dreams And Family. She Asks Sushma Why She Is Asked To Choose Between Home And Dreams. Sanjay Says We Do Saraswati Puja At Home And Says You Are Insulting Education Today. Sushma Says It Depends On The Person, If She Uses It To Set Her Home Or Destroy Her Home. She Asks Her To Decide, If She Will Become Part Of The Puja And Asks Her To Decide.

Paragi Says I Have Decided. Sanjay Asks Her Not To Take The Decision Fast And Asks Her To Think First. Paragi Takes Out Her Pen And Keeps On The Photo Frame. Sushma Asks What Does It Mean? Paragi Says I Was Asked To Choose Between Dreams And Family And I Had Chosen My Family Then. She Says My Husband Told Me That It Was Wrong To Give A Choice To Any Girl. She Says I Will Not Do The Same Mistake Again, Neither With My Family And Nor With My Dreams. She Says I Will Not Leave My Family Or Dreams. Sushma Asks Her To Tell Clearly. Vinod Says Stop It Sushma, Paragi Has Taken A Decision And It Is Right In My Sight. Paragi Folds Her Hands And Wipes Her Tears. She Comes Out And Is About To Sit In The Car. Sanjay Comes There And Says It Is Our Traditional That Whenever Someone Goes Out, We Made Him/Her Have Curd And Sugar. He Shows The Yogurt And Says Curd Was Not At Home, So I Brought It. He Makes Her Have It And Wipes Her Mouth. She Says I Don’t Want To Hurt Maa, And Says Don’t Know What To Do. Sanjay Says It Is Not Your Mistake, And Asks Her To Prepare Well For Interview, And Says Papa And I Will Handle Maa, And Asks Her To Do Well In The Interview. Paragi Thanks And Leaves In The Car.

Vinod Asks Sushma What Is This Madness? Sushma Says This Is Motherly Love. Vinod Says This Is Not Motherly Love. Sushma Says Paragi Is Not My Daughter, As She Couldn’t See Mother In Me, Else She Wouldn’t Have Done All This. Vinod Says Paragi Has Not Done Anything Wrong. Sushma Argues With Him And Asks Him To See Sanjay’s Pain. Sanjay Comes Inside, Playing Dhol. He Says Lets Go And Bring The Idol Of Saraswati Maa.

Paragi Comes To Give Interview And Hears People Taking Saraswati Idol. She Prays To Clear The Interview And Celebrate With Family. She Prays That Sanjay Clears UPSC Next Year. Chanda Argues With Idol Seller And Threatens Him To Give The Idol At Cheapest Rate. Nutan Says You Shall Not Threaten The Poor Guy And Says Our Son And Our Family Name Will Be Ruined. Chanda Says Your Son Is IAS Paragi’s Husband And He Has No Name Of His Own. She Says Your Son Is Left Behind Paragi. Sushma Says No More Word Now And Asks Nutan To Come, And Not To Talk To Such People. Chanda Says We Are IAS People And Says You Have To Touch Our Feet In Few Days. Sushma Talks To Pramod. Sanju Prays To Maa Saraswati For Paragi’s Interview.

Precap: Paragi Comes For Her Interview. She Is Asked By The Interview What She Can Do To Become IAS. Paragi Says She Can Break All The Rules. The Panel Member Tells That You Have Broken All Rules By Offering Us Bribe And That’s Why We Are Disqualifying You From UPSC Exam. Sushma, Pramod And Others Look On.

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