4 Tips for Incorporating a Kitchen TV

Don’t hide the fact that your kitchen is where we live the majority of our time. It is not every household that has the luxury to have a separate space for dining. So breakfasts, lunches, and dinners generally occur inside the kitchen.

What are we able to say about women who cook and wash dishes usually takes a lengthy time. Thus, the desire to install a television inside the kitchen area is appropriate – it entertains and allows you to blend pleasure and business.

However, it’s not enough to just buy an appliance for your kitchen You must figure out the best way to place it. On other hand, the TV must be situated away from the sink and stove and on the other hand, it should be easily visible from various areas of the room.

We’ve prepared the possibilities for putting televisions in kitchens with examples and photos of unconventional design options.

There are several popular ways to place the TV in the kitchen:

  • On a hanging bracket;
  • Just on the shelf;
  • In a niche;
  • And many others.

Places to install a TV in the kitchen can be picked up countless. However, do not put it on the dining table – so it will constantly collect microscopic food particles. And such a close location will not benefit your eyes.

Otherwise, subject to safety precautions, you can rely on your imagination and use any following methods. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each technique.

Incorporating a Kitchen TV

Installing the TV on the Bracket

To make sure your favourite TV shows that don’t harm your eyesight, but doctors suggest placing the television in the eye’s level. This is a breeze at home in your living space. However, there are problems in the kitchen: Not all kitchen tasks can be done sitting down; most of the time you’ll need to get up.

A great option for putting an LCD TV in the kitchen is a swivel-bracket. It’s simple to put up it, and lets you alter the position of the screen based on your preference and requirements and is almost invisibly.

The TV mounted onto the bracket can be perfect for smaller rooms. But, it must be remembered that you can put up only a flat modern screen this way but you cannot place a lamp TV on the bracket to your heart’s desire. For the TVs of this kind, even hanging shelves are not recommended.

To install the bracket, it is necessary to set the anchor bolts to the base of brick or concrete. The majority of times walls are utilized to do this, however there are different design options like the bracket could descend from the ceiling, seamlessly to fit in the loft’s inside.

When deciding on a location for the TV, keep in mind that it is not advisable to have direct sunlight shining on the screen. It is not advised to put the screen up over the oven as hot air can damage the condition of delicate, modern equipment.

However, the concept of hanging a screen above the sink has significance. Increasingly, designers are using this method. The most important thing is to make sure that it is waterproof.

Maybe Put the TV on the Kitchen Shelf?

If you don’t intend to hang the bracket, or because of some reason, cannot hang the TV against the wall you can try to mount it on the kitchen shelves.

One option is the kitchen with an space for a TV. It’ll have to be custom-made however, in this instance the screen of the TV will not be only entertainment, but an aspect of the interior design.

If you are planning to set up the TV using an already-built headset be sure to think about the location for it.

In the beginning, it is essential to determine the dimensions of the TV. The TV should be placed on the designated shelf with a steady posture. Any slight hesitation is unacceptable.

Consider carefully the location on the shelves. Like in the earlier case it is crucial to shield the television from the cooktop. In combination, hot air and condensate may result in an overheating or short circuit. Additionally, unfavorable conditions can significantly decrease the life expectancy of the television.

Don’t assume that the TV that is on the kitchen counter looks unattractive. The right kitchen furniture can naturally fit the TV inside the room, making it feel more cozy.

Built-in Niche TV

The wall space is one the most effective options to place televisions. If you’d like your kitchen to appear stylish and distinctive, consider it.

It is crucial to take into consideration that in small spaces this method further obscures the space. It is recommended to create an area that is large enough to accommodate.

The location could be random. The most impressive feature is a small space with a built-in television over the table. This lets you separate the kitchen area from the dining space visually. This is a popular technique by designers, and with the reason that the smallest space that has proper zoned design appears spacious.

When you design a niche, keep in mind the general guidelines for putting up the television screen. Don’t place in a position that is too close people who are sitting at tables as this can cause vision problems. Take into consideration angles of tilt for the TV as well as its size.

With these suggestions You can quickly select the best place to put your wall niche.


If you’re the happy homeowner of your studio and you have a problem, the placement of the TV is going to be resolved by itself. It is not necessary to think about how you can place televisions in kitchens. simply place it or hang it up in the room in order to be easily clearly visible from the kitchen.

This method will reduce the space used in the kitchen and visually meld the space and kitchen in one place. This will expand the space.

TV Under the Ceiling

Are you fortunate that you have an extra space to eat in? Perhaps because of the smaller space of the kitchen do you prefer dining in the living space? In this scenario the most effective solution could be to mount the TV on a large amount.

Of course the family that spends much time around the table the method isn’t recommended due to the fact that TV is constantly at eye level, the vision may be seriously affected.

However, if you’re just cooking in your kitchen, this is ideal. The TV won’t consume space and you can watch your favorite TV shows. Consider placing the TV in the space of the refrigerator or mount in the corner of your wall in either case it will appear stylish and unique.

Or Maybe From Below?

A unique design method is the positioning of the television almost at the floor. The TV appears strange and attracts interest.

If you’ve purchased an island for your kitchen (a table that has shelves far from the wall) you can build an entertainment center there. Of course, watching it is not extremely practical. However, if your preference is music channels, and at the simultaneously want to shock your guests, this technique can be justified.

Use Modern Technologies

Everyone who’s traveled on international flights can not resist paying close attention to the tiny TVs that fold. Their usage within the home is legitimate.

The back of the TV is exquisitely decorated, creating a fully-fledged part inside the.

The only drawback of this option is the tiny dimensions of the folding TVs. However, if you’re seeking the best model for your kitchen and kitchen, then this disadvantage could become a huge benefit.

The location of TVs is largely up to the individual however it must be remembered that smaller dimensions don’t necessarily mean that you have a large space. A foldable TV is able to be placed over the kitchen table or dining sink, based on the times you prefer to catch your favorite programs.

Hygiene Issue

It is a fact that kitchens are one of the places that has a significant amount of pollutants. The smell of steam, grease the water… The list goes on and of this is bound to affect the longevity of your television.

You must carefully consider the location of the TV in order to avoid the premature failure of your TV.

As well as the mentioned recommendations on placement and placement, there’s a second solution to this issue by installing a protective screen. Of of course, if a TV is simply placed in the corner, this approach is not feasible.

But, if you decide to construct the device into a niche, or put it on a shelf, maybe this can significantly prolong the lifespan of your TV.

An opaque screen fixed on the edge of the niche or on the side of the shelves. To do this, utilize durable glass or plastic The materials don’t hinder control of remote control however your TV is secured from grease, dirt and dust.

Another option comes with a aesthetic purpose – sliding doors that conceal the TV when not in use. If you pick the material that matches the same color as the kitchen set, then no person will be able to tell the existence of a television in the kitchen, even with the door shut.

Alternately, you could utilize contrasting colours, an interesting and yet not boring design technique.

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