Imlie 9th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Imlie going to Tripathi house. Aparna and Pankaj handle Aditya. Imlie consoles them. Some reporters come there and starts throwing questions at Aditya. They humiliate Aditya’s parents. And Imlie pushes them away angrily saying do they behave with their parents in same manner. This is not the time interview someone but they have to come later.

Imlie shouts at them saying she is there to save her family and she will protect them like a shield so they should leave at once. Aryan sees everything from his car and feels annoyed. Imlie says she can even sweep but won’t do a job by taking someone’s favour. She gives support to Aditya and enters house.

Aryan punches the punching bag and gets furious. He says how can Imlie destroy her career just because of her ex husband. Arpita teases him saying why can’t he accept that he has feelings for Imlie and he fell in love with her. Thats why he is not happy even after taking his so called revenge. He is worried for her. Aryan refuses saying Imlie is a stupid girl who is ready to sacrifice her career to save her ex husband.

Aryan says he promised her mother to take care of her but Imlie is not interested to build her career. She got into a fight with her colleagues. Who will give her job now? Arpita says Aryan should leave his revenge drama else he will end up destroying himself and Imlie both. Aryan says only Aditya will suffer not Imlie or Aryan. Aryan tries to get inside the car and finds Imlie in car. He thinks its his hallucination. But then he gets shocked. Imlie says he did favour on her by giving 6 crores so she has to work hard to pay it off. He asks her why she feels he will be convinced hearing her words and will save Aditya.

Imlie says she wants to take him to Tripathi house. He asks her to look at his eyes. She says she doesn’t hold the same status like him. If he understands her then he should get ready to go with her. Her tear falls on his hand and he gets into the car.

Imlie shows Aryan the situation of Tripathis. She makes him realise that he is doing the same mistake like Aditya did few years back. He can relate his family’s situation with Tripathis now. Just how Arpita and Narmada suffered for no reason Aditya’s family will also suffer as its not just about Aditya’s pain. She says it’s her family and she pleads him to not give them pain. She says Aryan has a big heart and he should help her.

Aryan imagines Imlie as a successful reporter who is receiving award and a poor Imlie who is asking for favour. He thinks he can’t let Imlie become a weak person. She wont plead before anyone. Aditya tries to talk to a kid and asks him not to lie to anyone. The kid’s mother tells the kid to stay away from Aditya as he gave them wrong reports. Aditya gets a call and leaves.

Imlie tells Sita Maiya that she is lighting Diya for herself today. She is getting scared. She recalls Aryan put forth a condition in return of helping her family. Imlie replies she is ready and she never thought he will use her for his revenge. She says she has a condition too. Later Aryan says he knows he is doing wrong to Imlie but she is doing wrong to herself. He can’t see her broken so he will save her from Aditya. He sees Imlie’s anklet. Imlie and Aryan get lost in thoughts.

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