Imlie 8th February 2022 Written Update

Imlie Walks To Aryan And Addressing Him As Sir Asks Can We Speak. He Is Surprised To Hear Sir From Her Mouth. She Says She Knows He Doesn’t Want Her To Support Aditya’s Family, But Its Also Her Family And She Will Do Whatever She Can And Needs His Help; She Will Work For Him Whole Life And Obey His Orders, So He Should Repay T Family’s 5 Crore Rs Loan Nd Will Repay His Each Penny. Aryan Tries To Speak When Aditya Walks In Clapping And Says They Both Played A Nice Game. Imlie Asks What Is He Doing Here. He Says He Forgot That He Should Take Her Permission, Just Because He Divorced Her, She Snatched His House; Does She Think She And Her Boyfriend Made Him Their Slave By Buying His House. Aryan Shows Tripathi House’s Property Papers And Says She Is The Legal Owner Now. He Reminds Aditya Of His Promise To Kneel Down And Beg Anyone For His House And Asks Him To Kneel Down And Beg Property For His Property Papers. Imlie Says No. Aditya Asks If She Thought He Would Beg In Front Of Her, Aditya Doesn’t Beg In Front Of Beggars; She Was Bhaskar Times’ Featured Write And A Lot More, But Today She Is A Beggar; She Was Boasting About Her Capability, But She Got A Bungalow For Being With Her Boyfriend And Not Her Capability. Aryan Shouts If He Cannot Fulfill His Promise, He Should Get Out Of His House. Aditya Walks Away Saying He Will From Here And Soon From T House.

Imlie Asks Aditya Why Did He Do This. Aditya Says She Wanted To Sacrifice Everything To Him Just A Minute Ago, Now She Doesn’t Have To And Got Her Family’s House Back. Imlie Says Its Not A Help But Something Else; A Person Doesn’t Give 5 Crores To His Employee Or Friend Just Like That And Does It When. Aryan Says When He Has A Motto, She Is Right As He Wants To Break Aditya’s Ego. She Asks Why He Hates Aditya. Aryan Says Aditya Is A Cheap Man And Doesn’t Deserve What He Got, Insulted His Work And Her Due To His Ego; He Doesn’t Tolerate Arrogant And Undeserving People. She Asks Why Did He Buy House In Her Name. He Says That House Is Cheap For His Name And Status, He Knew It Would Impact Aditya’s Ago. She Says She Sought His Help And He Favored Her, She Doesn’t Need Anyone’s Favor; She Tears Papers And Says She Will Work Or Do Anything And Will Return That House To Tripathis. Aryan That Those Were Copies And He Has Original Papers, Whatever She Does She Cannot Do Anything. She Says He Should Fight His Battle With Aditya Alone And Not Use Her As A Shield. He Says She Misunderstood Him, He Will Not Use Anyone As A Pawn For His Task, Especially Her; She Should Go And Tell Her Family That They Don’t Have To Leave Their House.

Arpita Hears Their Conversation And Scolds Aryan That Imlie Is Innocent But Not A Fool To Not Understand His Intention, Why Would A Big Businessman Buy 5 Crores Property To Anyone. Aryan Remembers Calling Property Agent And Finding Out That Malini Paid 5 Crores To Get Tripathi House Transferred In Her Name. He Hears Malini Talking To Her Mother And Discussing That She Bought T House Not To Just To Keep Tripathis At Home But To Keep Imlie Away From It, She Wants To Show Harish And Others That Their Moral Gyaan And Imlie Will Not Get Them Money But Only She Can And Show Her Value To Them. He Pays More Money To Agent And Gets Property Transferred In Imlie’s Name. Out Of Flashback, Aditya Tells Arpita That Malini Is A Terrific Woman And Would Have Separated Imlie From Her Family. Arpita Asks Why Didn’t He Inform Imlie About It Then. Aryan Says Imlie Will Not Understand It And Would Think He Was Pity On Her, But Truth Is He. She Says He Cares For Her. He Nervously Says She Is His Best Employee And He Cannot Lose Her. She Thinks She Knows Aryan Is Falling In Imlie’s Love.

Malini Decorates Touse And Fixes Family Photos On Wall. Aparna Asks What Is She Doing, Radha Asks If She Wants To Joke On Their Helplessness. Malini Says She Wants To Celebrate With Them As They Got Their House Back. She Gets Agent’s Call Who Says Her Deal Is Canceled As Other Party Paid 6 Crores. She Panics And Says She With Great Difficulty Had Found Property Agent Who Has Their House And Paid Loan Borrowing Money From Mom, But Someone Else Paid More And Bought It. Aparna Asks Who Must Have Done This. Aditya Enters And Says Imlie Did It With Her Boyfriend’s Help And Asks If They Can Shift To Her Mom’s House For A Few Days. Malini Agrees. Aditya Tells Aparna That Imlie Has Bought This House, So They Need To Shift From Here ASAP. Aparna Asks How Can She. Aditya Says She Should Understand The Situation.

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