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Atharva meets the police commissioner and encourages him to fulfill the duty of his commissioner and friend and punish a culprit who tried to kill Rudra. Commissioner asks subordinate who is handling Rudra’s case. Imlie bursts into Rudra’s rival’s Chandraprakash office and breaks things. A man points a gun at her and threatens to shoot her if she does anything again. Imlie says he should and says that instead of attacking her father, he should fight and beat him in business. Man says he doesn’t know who she is and what she’s talking about. Imlie says she is Rudra’s DIL Imlie and asks why he tried to kill her papaji. An employee informs him. The man says he is Chandraprakash’s son Rahul, his father and Rudra uncle had business rivalry, in fact he is now in business and his father has been in US for treatment since 3 months. He shows his father’s photos from the US.

Imlie apologizes to him and says she got out of control when she saw her papaji’s condition. She says she will pay back the damage she caused. Rahul says it’s okay because Rudra is inspiration to him and he learned business from his father and Rudra. He wishes Rudra’s speedy recovery. Imlie prays for Chandraprakash’s health and ponders who must have attacked Rudra then. Chini is in Rudra’s hospital room. Rudra asks why she doesn’t go from there. Chini threatens to kill Atharva if he opens his mouth. Atharva calls her at that time. She grins at Rudra and chooses call. Atharva says he is at the police station and will surely find the culprit. He asks where she is. She says she is taking care of Rudra. Atharva thanks her. She writes a note that she loves Arto and will burn everything if she doesn’t get Arto, shows it to Rudra and leaves.

Rupali calls Chini and informs that she has found her a boy. Chini tells her to marry herself and take her blessings. Rupali says that Chini hasn’t gotten so big that she can’t hit Chini and warns her. Chini says her dreams are big and don’t fit in a small house. She and Arto love each other and she will only marry Arto. Rupali tells Arpita and Sundar that Imlie likes Arto’s money and not him. They needn’t worry as she won’t let Chini ruin Imlie’s life and convince Chini to get married. Imlie tries to enter Rudra’s room. Shivani with Keya and Divya stop her saying she is a walking abshagun and will not let her near Rudra until a babaji/pandit performs pooja on her. Imlie says she doesn’t believe in superstitions. Devika joins her and says that Imlie is right.

Imlie starts leaving her joker giri on the floor and asks them to call babaji and let him perform pooja on her here and then Rudra’s treatment. Babaji enters. Imlie asks Babaji to perform pooja on her and treat her illness. She asks all three of them to click a picture with babaji who can cure illness with his jhad poker. Baba poses with Keya and Divya. Keya gets scared and says she doesn’t believe in him and agreed on the insistence of Divya and Shivani. She chases away babaji. Devika scolds Keya and Divya. Imlie tells Shivani that she knows Shivani is worried about Rudra but she should understand that she will never think bad for Rudra or her family and will always be good to them. Devika whips Shivani for insulting Imlie who considers Rudra to be his daughter and god’s gift.

Imlie asks Rudra why he lied about Chandraprakash attacking him while he is in US since 3 months. Rudra says he can do wrong to protect his children. Imlie makes her promise and requests that the name of the perpetrator be revealed. He says he can’t for her sake and apologizes. Imlie delivers intoxicating dialogue to get to the truth on her own and walks away. She prays to God to help her find out the truth. Atharva joins her and prays with her. Imlie asks what he prayed. He says he has been praying to God to fulfill her prayers so that she can keep smiling. Imlie says that Seeta Maiya’s blessings are always upon her, she wants Atharva’s support.

Precap: Atharva tells Imlie that CCTV footage clearly shows she assaulted an innocent person and says she fell into his eyes today. Chini grins when she sees that.