Imlie 6th January 2022 Written Update

Imlie Asking Aditya She Has Told Him Million Times That She Has No Feelings For Aryan. Now She Can’t Explain More. Aditya Tells Her To Leave Aryan If She Doesn’t Love Him. Imlie Gets Shocked To Hear That. Imlie Says Then How Will She Work. Aditya Says Imlie Can Become His Wife And He Will Tell Malini To Be His Friend Only And He Will Take Her Responsibility But Won’t Love Her.

Imlie Says Aryan Taught Her To Face Her Fear, He Did A Lot For Her And She Has An Identity Because Of Him, Aditya Couldn’t Throw Malini Out Of The House Despite Knowing All Her Lies And Wrong Deeds But He Wants Imlie To Leave Her Job, Isnt It Unfair. Aditya Says Imlie Can’t Leave Aryan To Stay With Him. Imlie Says Aditya Is Not Realizing What He Is Asking For And She Leaves After Wishing Him Happy Married Life.

Anu Taunts Tripathis As She Took Their Son’s Wedding Responsibility. Pankaj Says She Invited Guests Without Asking Them. She Also Visits Their House Like An Uninvited Guest Then Who Are They To Give Her Permission. Anu Ignores Him And Then Sees The Photos. She Says Noone Is Smiling In The Picture. Aryan Comes And Says Her Son In Law Is Also Looking Sad And His Eyes Are Teary. Should They Post Only Malini’s Photos. Malini Says They Won’t Discuss Their Family Matters With Their Guests. She Says Soon Everyone Will Be Happy As The Bad Omen Has Gone From Their House.

Aparna Then Says Imlie Is Not A Bad Omen. Tripathis Give Family Photoframes To Imlie Saying The Latter Always Helped Them To Become A Better Person. They Will Never Forget Her Contributions. Everyone Thanks Her And Aparna Says She Wants Imlie To Reach Heights To Shut All Those People Who Look Down On Her. Imlie Smiles And Leaves. She Tells Malini That No Matter What Happens Tripathis Will Never Forget Her.

Anu Questions Malini Why The Latter Confessed The Truth To Aditya, He Will Not Mistreat Her Now. Malini Says She Can’t Live With The Fear That Aditya Will Misunderstand Her One Day Because Of Sending Him The Divorce Papers. So She Told The Truth. She Says She Feels Aryan Won’t Let Imlie And Aditya Get Reunited Again. Aditya Ruins All The First Night Decorations And Gets Mad At Malini For Betraying Him. Malini Says She Never Betrayed Him But He Betrayed Her At First. He Says He Wants Space. Malini Asks Him He Doesn’t Want To Take Their Relationship Seriously Again. He Needed Time And Now He Needs Space. How Can He Leave His Pregnant Wife Alone. Aditya Looks Broken.

Aryan Thinks He Should Start His Mission To Punish Aditya. He Calls Suraj And Asks Him About Any Challenging Assignment As Aditya Is Complaining That His Talent Is Getting Wasted Nowadays. Suraj Says He Knows One Protestor But He Is Dangerous. Aditya Should Not Take Up The Challenge. Aryan Says Aditya Should Decide That.

Aditya Taunts Imlie In The Office Too And She Tells Him To Be Professional. Aditya Says Now She Has New Mentor In Her Life. Aryan Calls The Reporters For A Meeting And Shows Them The Protestor’s Video Who Talks Ill About The Country And Tells The Government To Fulfil His Demands Else He Will Destroy Everything. Imlie Says He Is Just A Terrorist. Aryan Adds Noone Is Ready To Interview The Person As The Latter Is Quite Dangerous But This Project Is Important For Bhaskar Times Future. He Asks If Anyone Is Interested To Do This. Aditya Takes Up The Challenge Saying He Will Do It. Imlie Gets Shocked Hearing That.

Precap – Imlie Says She Will Interview The Protestor But Aditya Says She Has Other Interviews Of Celebs But He Is A Small Reporter So He Can Do This. Aryan Says Aditya Will Go To Pagdandiya.

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