Imlie December 6, 2022 Written episode, written update at

Chini insists that Rudra accept her greeting card. Rudra says he knows what is written in this card and asks her to open it and read it. Chini gets scared when she remembers there is a bomb inside. Imlie notices them and informs Atharva that the map has a bomb. Atharva asks how she knows that. She describes to him how she eavesdropped on someone’s conversation. Urging Chini to read the card, Rudra snatches it and throws it away, saying it is the value for her childish act. Atharva and Imlie are afraid of bomb explosions, but they are not. Chini runs away in a rage. Imlie tells Atharva that they must evacuate the place before people panic. Atharva says he got an idea and runs off. Imlie is on a map.

Chini walks to Imlie looking for map. Imlie asks what she is looking for. Chini says her bracelet. Imlie asks her to go from there. Ripu drags Imlie away from there. Arto plays music that grabs the audience’s attention and asks them to enjoy DJ Arto’s music. Rudra gets mad at Atharva and tells Devika that instead of receiving an award, Atharva is receiving guests. Imlie thinks she should get the crowd out of here and then alert the police. Chini figures out why Arto is blowing music while waiting to bomb Rudra. Rudra asks Ripu to take charge of the music and goes to help Imlie.

Imlie walks out and informs the police about the bomb at the event. Atharva walks up to her and tells them to hide the bomb under a table until the bomb squad arrives. Children run under the table. Atharva takes them away. Imlie takes a card and puts it back on the table. Chini turns on the fan in the direction of the card. He flies and falls for Rudra. Rudra chooses it thinking he is tired of Chini’s childish behavior and should reveal her truth to everyone. Atharva and Imlie run towards Rudra to stop him. Bomb blasts seriously injuring Rudra. Atharva and Imlie alert the family and they all rush Rudra to a hospital. Devika collapses. Rudra tries to comfort her followed by Imlie. The nurse informs them that the doctor is stuck in traffic and Rudra’s operation cannot start until he comes. Devika breaks down more. Imlie assures her that nothing will happen to Rudra. Shivani pushes Imlie aside.

Imlie asks the nurse about the doctor’s location, picks him up on scooty and drives scooty straight into the hospital. Doctor goes to OT to perform Rudra’s surgery. Devika says that Rudra always says that Imlie is a godsend to them. Chini pays money and gets CCTV footage of the event. Atharva breaks down on viewing Rudra’s post-surgery condition and remembers the bond they shared in his childhood. Abhi Mujhme Kahin.. song playing in the background.

Precap: Imlie calls in the police and says if anyone can’t see her and Atharva’s happiness, she will find the culprit and punish him/her. Atharva says even he will support Imlie. Imlie asks the injured Rudra who is their enemy here. Rudra points to Chini, but everyone thinks it’s Atharva.