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Atharva orders Imlie to go outside and let him talk to Chini. Imlie says he shouldn’t. The whole family gathers to hear their argument. Atharva shouts what to do when he needs to talk to Chini, when he stops breathing. Imlie suggests that he find peace in his music and pour his heart out at the upcoming New Year’s event and forget about his hookline. Atharva shouts how dare she say that, she is nobody to talk about his hookline and his music, and threatens to cancel his event. The next day, Imlie remembers Atharva threatening to cancel the event. Ginny and Ripu walk up to her and ask what they are going to do next. Imlie says organizers will suffer serious losses if Atharva does not participate in the event, but there is no other option. She calls the organizer and asks him to cancel the event. The organizer says the whole show is fully booked and he will suffer heavy losses if Atharva doesn’t participate.

Imlie throws water on Atharva and wakes him up. He asks if it was necessary to throw water on him to wake him up. Imlie says if he doesn’t wake up he will pay back his debt. Atharva asks when he took a debt. Imlie tells him to show the organizer as all the tickets are sold out so he has to go to work and pay back his loan or sing in the concert. Atharva says there is a third way and asks Rudra to present a check to Imlie. Devika asks why he doesn’t want to sing. Atharva asks if she wants him to sing, Rudra wants him to stop singing. Rudra says that he respected Atharva’s determination and honesty and will not support him in his wrong decision. Shivani enters and tells Rudra to support his child whether he is right or not and says she will give money to Atharva. Devika says she cannot corrupt Atharva by supporting him in his wrong decision. Rudra says Devika is right, no one should support Atharva in his dishonesty towards his music.

Atharva congratulates Imlie on succeeding in her mission. Imlie asks how he can betray his music and his fans. Atharva says to let the fan know that he is a traitor who betrayed his parents, Imlie and even his fans. At the Rathore mansion, Arpita tells Sundar and Rupali that Imlie convinces Atharva to participate in an event. Sundar says Imlie’s efforts should revive Atharva’s career. Chini enters and yells at Imlie. She reveals that she had visited Rana’s house and was humiliated by Imlie. Rupali asks why she went there. Chini says she spoke to Atharva on the phone, Imlie grabbed Atharva’s cellphone and disconnected. Rupali and Arpital tongue-lash her for trying to come between Imlie and Atharva again and warn her to stay away from Atharva at least for now. Feeling more humiliated, Chini decides to take revenge on her.

Ginni and Ripu try to convince Atharva to attend the event. He refuses. Keya notes that Atharva is not hard-working like Akash. Devika says Akash is selfish and only works for himself, Atharva is not like him. The whole family tries to convince Atharva to attend the event but he disagrees. Atharva walks downstairs in funky clothes and says she’s playing DJ Atharva. Family cheers her up. Atharva says he is DJ Arto and no one can take his place, he is a rapper not a prankster. Imlie warns Atharva that if he doesn’t go to the concert, she will do it in his place. Atharva asks her to go change her dress as she can never be DJ Arto. She says she will show talent if he doesn’t. He asks what song she will play. She sings Tunak Tunak Tu.. song and dance. Everyone laughs. Atharva says he knows she is just trying to trick him but he disagrees. Imlie takes Devika and Rudra’s blessings. Shivani says Imklie will spoil Atharva’s name. Rudra says that Atharva was never concerned about his image, so they are on Imlie’s side. Imlie leaves the house feeling nervous.

Chini receives Keya’s call informing her that Imlie is taking part in a concert. She smiles at Imlie. Keya says that Imlie is too smart and will win the hearts of the audience, so Chini has to do something. China grins. Atharva remembers Imlie’s challenge and thinks that no matter what Imlie does, he will not participate at all costs. Shivani spills poison on Imlie as usual. Rudra shuts up. Atharva overhears their conversation. Imlie with Ripu and Ginni reach concert and see fans waiting for Arto. Nervously, she says that if Atharva doesn’t come, she will go on stage. Ripu and Ginni encourage her.

Precap: Imlie suggests to Atharva that he should pour his heart into his music on New Year’s Eve and think that only his hookline has disappeared from his life and not his music. Atharva shouts that she doesn’t know what his hookline means to him and he will cancel the event. Imlie says if he doesn’t, she will perform. Fans are waiting for Arto. Imlie nervously thinks how she will perform if she knows nothing about music.