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Atharva tells Imlie that he cannot give medicine for her pain, but can promise never to touch alcohol again. Imlie hopes she can make a similar promise, but she’s now added. He asks in shock what? She says she was joking. He says he was sorry he made her drink alcohol. The Inspector walks up to them and thanks Atharva for arresting a deadly gang of robbers. Atharva says the credit goes to Imlie, but who fought single handedly with the gang of women, he never touched those ladies. Inspector thanks Imlie. Imlie asks who informed the police about the incident. Chinu with Abhishek comes in and says they were having dinner at a five star restaurant across the street owned by Abhishek. She asks Imlie why she fought like a cheap guy. Abhishek asks Imlie if she is okay. says Imlie and thanks him for his help. Chini boasts that she saw their fight first and informed Abhishek. Imlie thanks Abhishek again for actively rescuing her while a few people are just spectators. Chini leaves angrily. Abhishek asks Imle and Abhishek if they are sure they don’t need any more help. Atharva says no. Abishek leaves.

Atharva and Imlie return home. Shivani throws Imlie’s bags at her and warns her to get out of the house as they don’t need alcoholic and characterless bahu in the house. Atharva stops her and tells him to leave the house then as he is a bigger alcoholic here. He reveals how Imlie was forced to drink due to his challenge that he will not give her a bottle of alcohol until she finishes it. He says he would have died under a truck if Imlie hadn’t rescued him. He keeps berating Shivani for her atrocity. Devika and Rudra praise Imlie. Shivani becomes adamant. Atharva brings his bags and says he will leave instead. Devika stops him and gets emotional. Shivani and her team walk away frowning. Devika asks him to return to his room with his bags. Atharva enters. Rudra thanks Imlie for saving Atharva and blesses her. Imlie says she knows there are men’s troubles ahead but she will face them all with the blessings of Rudra and Devika.

Sundar, Arpita and Rupali enter. Rudra greets them. Sundar asks how the problem started. Rudra says Imlie handled it beautifully. Sundar says that when he sees Imlie in trouble and by the time he wants to help her she would have already solved the problem. Everyone smiles. Rupali checks Imlie’s injury and asks if it hurts. Imlie says she is fine now. Arpita asks what she does for her progress. Imlie says she came to work at Bhaskar Times as an intern. Arpita asks about her project. Sundar is proud of Imlie. Rupali asks about Chini. While driving home, Abhsihek praises Imlie’s bravery. Chini gets jealous. Abhishek drops her off at home and says he is burning something. Chini angrily gets out of the car and leaves without greeting him. Abhishek jokes to her to say hi to Imlie for his part.

Imlie takes blessings from her mother’s photo and starts working on her project on her laptop. Akash with Keya peeks in and says that Imlie knows how to operate a laptop, whoever thinks she is illiterate is wrong. Keya tells them to stop Imlie somehow. Atharva is jealous when he thinks back to Chini with Abhishek and thinks why he is abandoning his parents and Imlie’s efforts, he should be strong and not call Chini now that she is further along in her life. He looks at his cellphone and yells. Imlie completes her project and feels she should thank Atharva for his help. Atharva calls Chini but she hangs up. He calls back. She chooses and rudely asks to speak. He says he tried to control himself but couldn’t. She says it’s not easy for her to move on, but she’s trying her best. He says they both could have stayed together and shared their pain and sorrow, then why did they break up.

She says they did not accept defeat, but respectfully retreated to their families; it’s not her fault that he has behanji type boring Imlie and not the hot and vibrant Imlie. Imlie snatches Atharva’s phone. Imlie says that they can both love each other forever, but that he has to compromise with Imlie for now. Emily speaks. Chini gets nervous when she hears her. Imlie if Abhishek knows that she wants to go on forever with Athharva then he will marry her after that anyway she will ask him one day. Atharva gets mad at Imlie. Imlie says that Chini is getting married and that he should stop calling her. Atharva quarrels with her. The whole family gathers to hear their argument.

Precap: Imlie suggests to Atharva that he should pour his heart into his music on New Year’s Eve and think that only his hookline has disappeared from his life and not his music. Atharva shouts that she doesn’t know what his hookline means to him and he will cancel the event. Imlie says if he doesn’t, she will perform. Fans are waiting for Arto. Imlie nervously thinks how she will perform if she knows nothing about music.