Imlie 4th January 2022 Written Update

Malini trying to change the environment of the house which enrages Rupy. Rupy tells her not to do all this because nobody cares. Malini responds that the new year has arrived, but everyone is still holding on to the past, so she is making some changes. Rupy says that Malini doesn’t even care what Aditya wants. Malini asks Aditya if she liked all of these. Aditya says that now that they are married, she can do whatever she wants. Malini says that she should give him some priority more than anyone in the house will give him respect.

Aditya opens the door and is surprised to see Imlie and Aryan. He asks why the latter keeps visiting the Tripathi house, it is no longer his house. Imlie says she came here when someone invited her. Malini says she called them because the reporters did a great job on her wedding, so she thought to thank them and they will also talk about the photos. Aparna keeps Aditya from misbehaving around guests and Aditya welcomes Imlie and Aryan to show off.

Malini and Aditya begin the post-marriage ritual and find the ring in the pot of milk. Imlie remembers her own ritual. Malini is glad to see the pain on Imlie’s face and thinks that Aditya is showing her fake love that is hurting Imlie as well. Aditya finds the ring and tells him that it belongs to Malini, so he belongs to her too. He tries to make Imlie jealous. Imlie says that she has no time to waste, she wants to leave and the rest of the work will be done in the office. Aryan tells Aditya that although he has less work pressure in the obituary department, he has a lot of work. Aditya responds, but Aryan has enough time to take someone’s love away. Aryan says that it is surprising that Aditya freely discusses his personal issues with him.

Pankaj apologizes to the guests. Narmada says that they should go now, as no one seems happy about all of this. Malini says that she prepared many dishes for them so that they could not leave without eating. Aryan says they came here at the client’s request and Malini is Aditya’s newly married ex-wife, that’s a joke. Malini offers Imlie a check and tells them to complete their work.

They all sit together at the dining room table. Malini serves food to Aditya and enjoys the memories of her with him. What were they eating that time when Aditya proposed and what did they eat on her first date, etc. Aditya enjoys eating the Biriyani made by Malini and says that he didn’t forget anything. Aditya tells Imlie to eat him and the latter says that Aditya and Malini are a different couple.

Aditya teases her saying that she is just jealous. Imlie says that she is not that weak, that she can take it all. He can even eat chili peppers here, he starts eating chili peppers and Malini tells him to eat more. Imlie feels uncomfortable and is about to eat again and Aryan stops her by holding her hand. He warns Malini not to waste her time, as she will add more zeros to her account. Aryan gives Imlie water.

Arpita feels an itchy sensation in her eyes due to her glasses and Sundar helps her go to the bathroom when Malini calls him. He again loses himself in thoughts and romances with Arpita. Arpita tells him to help her. Sundar helps her and the latter forgives him for all the mistakes he made before. Aditya asks Imlie why she hasn’t left yet. He will take her to Aryan. Imlie tries to walk away saying that she doesn’t love or hate anyone, but that she learned to respect herself. Imlie says that Aditya has changed a lot and accuses her of it without even thinking about it.

Precap-Aditya asks Imlie why she sent him divorce papers if she doesn’t feel anything for Aryan. Imlie says she didn’t. Malini reveals that she sent the documents to Aditya, which shocks him and Imlie.

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