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Chini tells Imlie that the latter was not supportive of her. Imlie says she too did not support the doctor’s treatment. She should have given them a chance. Chini replies that Imlie would get nothing by saving her. But everyone is mad at her. Imlie should have left her alone. Imlie quietly leaves and Arto tells her that Chini shouldn’t misbehave with her like that. Imlie says she can understand Chini’s situation. She thinks everyone hates her. But that’s not the truth. She’s right in a sense that they were about to lose her to save the kids. Arto says Imlie is very calm and doesn’t get angry at all.

Later, Arto informs her that tomorrow they will be rewarded for their bravery by the officers. Imlie becomes happy to know that. Rupy tells Arpita and Sundar that Chini won’t leave Arto and Imlie alone since they got married. How would they take her home. Arpita agrees and Sundar says that Imlie and Arto need some time to settle into their married life, but Chini won’t let them. She tries to destroy everything.

Rudra comes to see Chini and taunts her. She taunts him back and the latter says that tomorrow Imlie and Atharv will get an award for their bravery and will also be commended for their best collaboration. Chini won’t be able to hear the blows, so she has to plug her ears with cotton wool. Chini becomes annoyed. Rudra warns her that he is older than her and also more experienced. He can easily throw her out and she shouldn’t be too confident.

Arto teases Imlie about not being able to choose a dress for the ceremony. She also teases the men for wearing the same clothes on every occasion. Arto helps her choose clothes, she says she wants to wear a matching dress just like him. Arto becomes happy to hear that. Imlie goes to show the sari to Chini.

Chini receives a card from a person. He explains to her about a bomb chip in the map. When the card is opened, the bomb will explode. Chini says Rudra is really annoying her these days so it’s time to kill him. Arto and Imlie spot her with the map. Arto tries to see that and Chini snatches the card from him. She says it’s her personal business, that Imlie shouldn’t interfere. Imlie asks her if she has a boyfriend. Chini ignores that and she calls Imlie’s fashion sense hopeless and taunts Arto for protecting his wife.

Chini acts like a joke. Imlie doesn’t take her words seriously as she thinks the latter is sick. Chini is hungry and Rudra goes to eat sweet in the kitchen. He says he is very happy for his son and daughter-in-law. He says that even Arto understood that Imlie is a blessing to him. Chini should stop her plans or else she will be kicked out of his house as if she was from the center. Chini angrily leaves, thinking no one knows her cunning ideas.

Kia is annoyed that they are going to attend Imlie and Arto’s awards ceremony. Imlie gets ready in front of the mirror, then gets nervous as she recalls the accident in the cold room. Arto calms her down by telling her not to think about people’s expectations. She needs to keep moving forward in her life. Her parents must be proud of her. She doesn’t need anyone’s support to save herself. She is special and a lucky soul who can find happiness in everything. Imlie feels elated upon hearing his words. He recites a poem by Miss Shayara. Imlie thinks he will be happy to know that only she is his Shayara.

Precap: Imlie calls the police in and says she will get the person who is against her and Atharv’s relationship. She asks Rudra about that person and the latter shows Chini. Emily is shocked.