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Abhishek tells Chini that they are both completely different from each other as she doesn’t like rain, roadside tapri/tea stall he likes etc and asks if she likes a closed 5 star room then of an open tapri. Chini always says because she is different. Abhishek says quite differently. Chini corrects her make-up. Abhishek sees Atharva and Imlie dancing in the rain. Chini says eww, they act so cheap. Abhishek says they enjoy life. Chini gets out of the car and walks into a five-star restaurant. At Rana’s house, Shivani as usual blames Imlie that she must have hurt Atharva’s emotions and that is why he must have left the house. She won’t spare Imlie today. Devika warns her not to dare scold Imlie again. Rana asks where Imlie and Atharva are. Shivani says that Atharva must have left the house and left Imlie behind to bring him back home and behave great. Keya says Imlie’s funda is to create a problem and then solve it and become a hero. She shows her false concern for Atharva and says she doesn’t know where he is. Rudra says that wherever he is, he must be with Imlie.

Atharva asks children who danced with them where they are from. They say from a nearby village and walk away. Atharva remembers Imlie’s job as an intern in her company and says let’s go because he wants to know if she is doing her job efficiently. They walk to the village and accidentally collide with 3 women and apologize. Women feel an opportunity to plunder them and start accusing Atharva of teasing them. Imlie says he wasn’t. Lady accuses her of protecting a man who goes against women and asks her assistant to bring their team. Chini gets a call and comes out of the restaurant. She notices ladies rushing at Imlie and Atharva and thinks she should enjoy the drama instead of listening to the boring Chiku shake. She clicks on their video and forwards it to Keya.

Keya shows video to family. Devika asks what all this is. Keya says caption that husband Eve teased a woman and his wife supports him. Shivani says that Imlie also looks drunk and starts accusing Imlie of spoiling the family name. Divya joins her and shows video to Rudra. Ladies threaten Imlie and Atharva to give them money or they will call the police. Atharva says it is goondagiri. Ladies show the knife to the people nearby and chase them away and then again threaten Imlie and Atharva. Imlie asks Atharva not to worry as she will deal with them. Atharva says Vinod Kambli is now going into the field. Imlie asks ladies how much money they need. Ladies say what they’ve got, including Imlie’s jewelry. Imlie takes off her jewellery. Atharva tells them not to give up and fight. Imlie says their parents are waiting for them, so they shouldn’t waste time here; his life is more important to her than jewelry. Lady asks to give her her jewelry soon.

Imlie gives all of her jewelry except for her engagement ring. Lady demands her to give even that. Imlie says it’s her engagement ring and she’ll never part with her memories. Lady violently tries to snatch her ring. Imlie holds her hand. Lady warns Atharva to keep his wife under control. Atharva says that Imlie is a storm that will destroy them now. Another lady asks if he wants to take a look from behind. Atharva says yes, he will stand behind his wife and protect him. Lady asks what kind of man he is. Imlie says a solid man who knows how to support his wife. Their heavy dialogues continue. Imlie fights with all the women and destroys them all. A lady tries to stab Imlie from behind. Atharva holds her hand and snatches the knife. Imlie destroys lady. The police reach and arrest arrest ladies.

Shivani takes out Imlie’s bags and says she will not let Imlie stay in this house. Rudra says it is his house and he will decide who will stay here. Shivani says that Imlie failed to protect Atharva and slandered their family, so she will not stay under the same roof with a treacherous girl. Imlie gets injured. Worried about her, Atharva applies soil on it to stop the bleeding, remembering that Imlie did some earlier to stop his bleeding. Imlie thanks him and samiles. Atharva then asks Imlie if her engagement ring is so special to her that she risked her life for it. Imlie says it is a precious and protective ring for her, this ring will remind her of her pain, etc.

Precap: Imlie suggests to Atharva that he should pour his heart into his music on New Year’s Eve and think that only his hookline has disappeared from his life and not his music. Atharva shouts that she doesn’t know what his hookline means to him and he will cancel the event. Imlie says if he doesn’t, she will perform. Fans are waiting for Arto. Imlie nervously thinks how she will perform if she knows nothing about music.