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Imlie’s condition begins to deteriorate in the cold room. The doctor asks Atharva to keep Imlie awake as the temperature in the room can drop to -20 degrees and Imlie can become hypothermic if she falls asleep. Atharva tries to keep Imlie awake and tries to break glass with a chair. Chini tries to stop him saying he will hurt himself. Atharva breaks glass with a kick, lifts Imlie and brings him outside. Chini is frowning. Atharva wakes up Imlie and thanks god. Imlie’s condition improves and she calls Atharva ji. Atharva says she can’t talk because of the cold, even then she adds Ji to his name. Imlie says she is. Atharva asks her to be the same forever. Chini pushes him aside and drapes a blanket over Imlie. Children tell Imlie how Atharva broke a glass with his kick and saved her. Atharva notices that Chini is jealous and asks if she is okay. She screams to show his concern to Imlie and walks away.

Police Inspector thanks Atharva and Imlie for rescuing the kidnappers children with their bravery and promises to catch the kidnappers soon. Children say they will find kidnappers in a dentist’s clinic when Atharva broke their teeth. They thank Imlie and Atharva for their brave rescue and kiss their cheeks. Imlie asks Atharva to smile at least once. Atharva laughs. Kids leave with the police. Doctor walks over to Atharva and Imlie and tells him to talk. Atharva whips him for torturing Chini. Doctor describes how Chini instead harassed the entire hospital and endangered the lives of other patients. He asks them to get Chini out of there and says that Chini is mentally unstable and a threat to her family, says Chini is the hardest case of his life.

A girl informs Chini that the police uncle is taking them away from here. Chini angrily drags the girl away and locks her in a cold room. Atharva stops her. Girl runs and hugs Imlie and says that Chini wanted to lock her in a cold room. Imlie asks what she was doing. Chini says the girl mocked her. Imlie says she could have scored the girl instead and asks who she is to lock a little girl in a cold room. She asks her to apologize to the girl. Chini starts her emotional drama saying that she was not in her senses and is not getting better in this treatment center. Atharva says that’s because she doesn’t want to get better. Imlie says they should move Chini to a better hospital.

Chini emotionally blackmails them that she deserves punishment and says that parents and family disowned her, she only had a sister whom she cared for and pampered from childhood, but her sister wants her to be sent to a mental institution in instead of treating her with her love; she is ready to go where they say now. Imlie and Atharva return home. Rathores and Ranas show their concern for them and ask how they are now. Atharva says they are fine now. Imlie walks to Rudra. Rudra praises her and Atharva for their brave deed and prays God for their togetherness.

Chini enters with her bag. Rudra asks what Chini is doing here. Imlie says she brought Chini here because any illness can be treated with love. She insists that Rudra let Chini stay with them. Rupali says that if Chini needs family love, they will take Chini home. Chini says she only feels safe with Imlie. Arpita asks how Imlie will take care of Chini alone. Atharva says he will help Chini, Arpita and Rupali don’t have to worry about Chini. Rathores agrees and walks away. Chini touches Rudra’s feet and seeks his blessings to beat him like this always.

Precap: Chini gets a bomb repair card to kill Rudra. Atharva takes the map and opens it. Bomb starts ticking.