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Atharva sips alcohol and feels weird. Rudra gets angry when he sees him partying with his friends. Atharva tells his friend that it is bitter. Keya asks Akash if he brought liquor from the countryside. Akash says he has English liquor. Atharva looks at Imlie and asks if she did anything. Imlie reveals she exchanged alcohol with Bittgerguard juice. She describes the health benefits of bittergarde. Atharva’s friends angrily walk away as Atharva tries to stop them. Imlie and Rudra rejoice and make fun of them. Abhishek visits Rathores with his parents with many expensive gifts for Chini. Chini gets excited at the sight of her gifts and takes them from her. Sundar, Arpita and Rupali welcome them and ask Chini to touch her in-laws feet. Abhishek’s father says daughters don’t touch their feet. Chini says well done uncle. Arpita asks her to address her future FIL as Daddy. Chini says that he is more like a Santa Claus who brought her so many gifts. Rathods welcome them to lunch with them.

Ginni and Ripu notice Imlie reading something and ask what she is reading. Imlie says that Ginni is talking to the Bhaskar Times intern. Devika and Rudra walk towards them. Devika says Imlie is that intern. Rudra asks why she became an intern as owner of Bhaskar Times. Imlie says Bhaskar Times is running with the blessings of her parents, she is just the caretaker. Rudra tells Ginni and Ripu to learn from Imlie. Keya walks to Rudra with Akash and tells them to talk. Atharva mutters that Imlie should reform Keya and Akash first. Keya says that they organized a cocktail party for Atharva and were humiliated in front of Atharva’s friends. Rudra says it is wrong to think about Atharva’s health. He asks Akash if his brother’s health is more important than strangers’ comments to him. Akash says their guests humiliated them because of Imlie. Rudra says that what Imlie did was for Atharva’s recovery. Shivani says he cannot ignore the injustice of Imlie, a guest who left unhappy because of Imlie. She starts bad-mouthing and cursing Imlie as usual. Imlie keeps her mouth shut with her long emotional dialogues. Ripu and Ginni praise Imlie again as usual.

Abhishek’s mother asks Rathods if they are finalizing Imlie’s makeup artist. Arpita says they will finish whoever did Imlie’s makeup. Chini says Imlie has no makeup sense and so she settled for a cheap makeup artist, but she won’t. Abhishek says it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive if an artist is good. Chini changes her tone and says she has sensitive skin and therefore helplessly needs an expensive makeup artist. Sundar says lunch is served. At the Rana mansion, Devika notices that Imlie is looking for something and questions her. Imlie says she is looking for Atharva and then changes the subject. Devik laughs. Imlie says Atharva had bitterness. Devika praises her for getting a positive change in Atharva. Imlie gets a call from her office asking her to submit her first project.

Chini admires her gifts as everyone enjoys lunch. Abhishek walks over and asks her if they can go out while the elders finish their lunch. China refuses. Abhishek says they can at least visit a roadside tea apri/tea stall where he took her when they first met. She says cheap stalls are like unwanted old relatives that no one wants to visit. Abhishek feels stunned. Chini says she’s just kidding. Keya walks over to Devika and complains to Imlie about her. Devika tongue-lashes her and tells her to learn from Imlie trying to reform Atharva. Atharva just comes in heavily drunk and can’t keep still. Keya jokes that a fake doctor failed Imlie. Devika says she needs to learn from Imlie how to keep a family united.

Atharva falls down before Imlie and asks her to stay here until Rudra gets well and leave from there. He insists she scold him. She brings chili powder and asks him to have it. Atharva says he gets sick if he eats chilli powder. Imlie says that if he knows what is good and what is bad for him, he should take the right path and avoid drowning. He asks whom he will reform for.

Precap: Imlie proposes to him to pour his heart into his music at the New Year’s Eve event and think that only his hookline has disappeared from his life and not his music. Atharva shouts that she doesn’t know what his hookline means to him and he will cancel the event. Imlie says if he doesn’t, she will perform. Fans are waiting for Arto. Imlie nervously thinks how she will perform if she knows nothing about music.