Imlie 31st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Malini Walks The Aisle And Waits For Aditya In The Mandap And Says To The Priest That He’ll Be Here Soon, She Is Sure Of That. Aditya Gets Irritated Waiting For Imlie In The Temple And Comes Back To The Venue. The Priest Announces At The Venue That The Auspicious Timing Of Getting Married Has Passed. Aditya Arrives And Says It Doesn’t Matter To Him And He Will Get Married Today Itself. Malini Says To The Priest To Start The Mantra. The Family Tries To Stop Aditya As It Would Be A Bad Omen But He Doesn’t Listen To Anyone. Aditya Shouts Imlie And Aryan’s Name To Call Them Outside To Attend The Wedding. He Says To Himself So Because They Were Both Together, Imlie Didn’t Come To Meet Him And He Says Why Would She After She Got What She Wanted.

Aryan Looks For Imlie Outside, He Passes The Car, Notices Blood On It And Stops To Check Inside. Aryan Sees Imlie Inside And Wraps His Hand In A Handkerchief And Breaks The Window. Aryan Let’s Imlie Out Of The Car And Shake Her To Make Her Regain Consciousness. She Runs To Stop The Wedding And Aryan Tries To Stop Her But She Gets Out Of His Hold. Aditya And Malini Start The Pheras.

Imlie Arrives At The Venue When, When He Was About To Apply Sindoor On Malini’s Forehead. She Sees Him Apply The Sindoor And Stands Stund. Aparna Sees Her And Calls Her Name. Everyone Looks Towards Her, Aryan Comes From Behind Her. Aditya Stands To Move Towards Imlie But His Knot Stops Him. Imlie Wipes Her Tears And Goes To The Mandap And Tighten The Knot. She Says That They Need To Be Careful Of The Knot, Malini Says To Her That She Doesn’t Need To Worry As This Time She Won’t Let A House Breaker Like Her Destroy Her House. Imlie Says She Hasn’t Ever Been A House Wrecker And She Is Aware What She Was Done To Her.

Imlie Says To Aditya How He Could Get Married. He Says Why It Matters To Her When She Has Found Her New Love Even Before They Got Divorced. He Says Now They Don’t Have Any Relationship. Imlie Says He Is Wrong About That As She Is Now His Sister-In-Law. She Says To Him That She Has Always Kept The Dignity Of Her Marriage With Him, And She Will Keep It Even In Her New Relationship With Her. She Picks Aditya’s Shoes And Says To Him That Now She As A Sister-In-Law Wants To Ask Something From Him. She Says To Him To Return Back Her One Year With Him.

Precap – Imlie Says To Aryan That Her Only Purpose Now Is To Make Her Mother Proud Of Her. Imlie Then Swears That She Won’t Shed Another Tear For Aditya And Now Be A Stronger Version Of Herself.

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