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Imlie asks Atharva to stop making excuses and change herself. Atharva says he must have someone to change, she will leave him again soon. Imlie says she is bounded by his promise and her heart is bounded by his love. Atharva says that he sought her help when he was drunk and doesn’t need her help now. Imlie challenges to change him saying she is stubborn like her mother who changed the situation around her. Atharva goes to the kitchen and chews roti. Imlie snatches roti and stuffs a brush into his mouth and says no breakfast without brushing his teeth. She slowly changes Atharva’s lazy hobbies, forces him to perform yoga and then practice songs. Jane Kyun Dil Jaanta Hai Tu Hai To I will be Alright. Atharva feels annoyed when he sees her following her everywhere, tricks her and locks herself in a room. Emily knocks on the door. Atharva says he has lost hope and doesn’t want to change. She says she will change him until she gets here. He says what next, he disappointed his parents and would even disappoint her. Emily leaves.

Rudra and Devika thank him for switching Atharva in a day and make him wake up early and start exercising. Imlie says Atharva doesn’t want to change. Devika says that Atharva has told that he doesn’t want to forget Chini but he is ready now. Rudra says that god and fate have united Atharva and Imlie and she should not give up easily. Devika says her MIL always said to never lose hope. Rudra says they are both with her. Atharva quietly comes out of his room. Imlie offers him juice. Atharva asks what it is. Imlie says it’s alcohol. What does Atharva ask? Imlie says it’s a juice. He says he is not a child. She says that’s what, he’s an adult and should take responsibility; he is the care of his parents, the care of siblings, and the hope of the family, but he has abandoned them all; she will not tolerate him harassing her family. She asks if he has apologized to his parents. He says he did. She says he has not asked their forgiveness and describes the negative effects of alcohol. She says she will show her anger if he shows his anger on her as they are not a couple anymore, etc. Athrav stands still.

Imlie gets a call from Bhaskar Times asking why she applied for a job at her own company. Imlie says life has taught her an important lesson about not giving anyone an important position without testing them and repenting later. Her father worked hard to become the boss of Bhakar Times asks whether she got a job or not. Employee indicates that an internship position is vacant. Imlie thanks her and says that even her mother started her career as an intern. Shivani wants her and asks when she can’t handle Atharva how will she handle a job. Akash tells Keya that Imlie cannot easily transform Arto because Arto is stubborn. Keya says even uncivilized Imlie is stubborn, what if she changes Arto and he gets into their family business. Imlie confronts Shivani with a fitting answer and says that she herself will get on her feet with a job and then think of others. Keya tells Akash to chop off Imlie’s feathers. Akash asks how.

Anu checks Chini’s jewelry sets and taunts Arpita and Sundar that they gave everything to Imlie and kept only a few sets for Chini. Sundar says Anu Chini learned to be materialistic and that’s why she ruined Imlie’s life and doesn’t know the real meaning of love. Anu says she doesn’t want to hear their lecture. Arpita closes Anu’s mouth. Rudra and Arpita call Sundar and Arpita and describe how Imlie tries to transform Atharva. Chini rushes in and asks if it was her florist’s call. Anu says it was Rana’s call that praised Imlie. Arpita and Sundar ask her to continue her drama and elope. Anu tells Chini that what she snatched from Imlie with great effort, Imlie will get it back. Chini says she gets more than what she bargained for from Abhishek so she doesn’t care.

Keya tells Akash that she has invited Arto’s alcoholic friends who will turn Imlie’s juice glass into alcohol glass. Friends play loud music and dance. Rudra asks Akash who they are. Akash says it’s Arto’s friends who come to cheer Arto up. Rudra gets angry when he sees alcohol at home and orders Akash to send them out. Keya stops him, saying they can’t depend on Imlie forever and have to change him themselves. Arto starts an alcohol party with his friends. Imlie looks at him silently. Arto thinks he can’t boost Imlie’s hopes and so has to drink alcohol and break her heart.

Precap: Imlie agrees to help Atharva as a friend not a wife, serves him bittersweet juice in the morning and throws out alcohol.