Imlie 30th December 2021 Written Update

Arpita Telling Narmada That Imlie Couldn’t Bear The Pain So She Left The Venue. Aryan Says But This Is Not Right For Her. Arpita Says Aryan Should Not Expect Imlie To Be Strong Always. She Has Some Emotions Too. Arpita Calls Imlie But Sees Her Phone Is Near Aryan. They Go To Find Her And Arpita Tells Aryan To Not Be Tough With Imlie. Aryan Thinks Imlie Cant Be Weak, She Has To Be Strong. Imlie Tries To Open The Car Door And Bumps Her Hand On The Window. Her Hand Gets Injured. She Gets Frustrated.

Aryan Tries To Find Imlie But He Wonders Where Is She Now. Anu Consoles Malini And Says She Should Not Waste Her Tears Behind Aditya. They Should Taunt Aditya’s Family Before Leaving. Malini Says She Knows Aditya, When He Will See Imlie Has Not Come To Meet Him He Won’t Wait, He Will Come Back To Marry Her As Her Child Is His Responsibility. He Cant Run Away From This. Malini Says She Destroyed Her Own Goodness To Get Back Aditya. It Won’t Go To Waste. She Learns Anu Locked Imlie In Car. Imlie Gets Disheartened And Is About To Lose Her Senses.

Dev Tells Malini To Go With Him. He Says Malini Is Not Someone Who Takes Revenge. Malini Says She Never Blamed Aditya Or Imlie In The Start. Aditya Married Her But She Has No Idea Imlie Is His First Wife. Imlie Hid The Matter, She Was At Fault Too. Malini Blames Dev Saying He Can See Imlie’s Pain But Not Hers. She Says She Lost Her Job, Her Self Respect So Aditya Has To Come For Her. Malini Sits In Mandap And Tells The Priest That Aditya Is Going To Come Before The Muhurat Is Over. She Waits For Him.

Aditya Waits For Imlie And He Gets Disheartened When She Doesn’t Come. He Recalls Imlie’s Words, Aryan And Imlie’s Closeness. Imlie Again Tries To Come Out Of The Car And Shouts For Help. Priest Declares That Muhurat Is Over Already. Aparna Gets Happy That Marriage Won’t Happen Now. Malini Says That’s Not Possible. Rupy Tells Her To Get Up As Aditya Won’t Come. Dev Says Now Malini Has To Start Afresh Again. Aditya Returns Back Saying He Is Ready To Marry Malini. He Sits With Malini. Aparna Tries To Stop Him But In Vain. He Lights The Hawan Kund Saying Now Noone Can Stop This Marriage. Aditya Calls Imlie And Aryan. Aryan Looks For Imlie Outside And Imlie Faints In The Far. Aryan Notices Her Finally.

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