Imlie 2nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Imlie trying to wake Aryan up. Arpita cries and says nothing should happen to him. Imlie asks her not to think negative. She takes Aryan to hospital with Sundar and Arpita. Doctor tells them to wait outside. Arpita feels dizzy seeing all of that and Sundar calls doctor for her treatment. Sundar tells Imlie to calm down. Imlie thinks the person who gave her strength is now fighting for his life how can she stay quiet seeing all of that. Narmada comes with Aparna. She asks the doctor what happened to Arpita and Aryan.

Doctor replies Arpita is fine but Aryan is in ventilator. He is struggling to breath and if he can’t breath today then he will be in danger. Narmada feels devastated and starts crying. She says after four years Arpita overcame her husband’s death but now she cant bear the pain of losing Aryan. Narmada says she can’t live without her son. Aparna consoles her saying he will be fine.

Aryan sees a dream that he is telling his reporters he will take revenge from Aditya for killing Arpita’s husband, for giving pain to his family. Aryan says he doesnt need anyone’s help in this. He will do it all alone and will destroy Aditya. He finds Imlie who comes towards him and says but she came into his life already. She says she will save him from everything and asks him to hold her hand. Aryan tries to hold her hand but at that time Aditya drags Imlie with him saying Aryan will live a lonely life always.

Aryan shouts at him and tries to stop Imlie from leaving. Dream ends. Aryan struggles to breath and Imlie comes to him seeing his condition. Imlie says she doesnt believe in the doctor’s words as she knows Aryan is strong and he takes away everyone’s breath by his one stare so he will open his eyes soon. She breaks down and says he gave her many debts already and now she has the responsibility of his family too. She can’t manage everything alone. He has to wake up. He can’t give up like this. She caresses his hair. She comforts him in every possible way and holds his hand.

Imlie says now it’s too much. She is getting late for office. He should also wear his clothes. She brings his shoes, coat near him and tells him to wear them. She says she is leaving if he doesn’t get up now. She acts like leaving and Aryan’s wallet falls down. Imlie’s anklet comes out of it which he picked. Aryan’s health worsens and Imlie asks him she is not going, she is here. She leaves to call the doctor.

Aditya enters Aryan’s cabin and checks the files. He sees his own photo and Imlie’s photo. There’s a cross on his photo too. He sees the accident article. Suraj wonders who is in Aryan’s cabin. Aditya hides under the desk seeing him. Narmada tells Arpita that Aryan will be fine she should take rest. Arpita blames herself for going to the function. Imlie calls the doctor to check Aryan immediately. Aditya says Aryan has a purpose to enter their lives. He used Imlie and she is considering him as friend. Aditya says he won’t let Imlie commit this mistake as Aryan is their enemy.

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