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Imlie tells the heavily intoxicated Atharva that if he knows what is good and what is bad for him, he must take the right path and avoid drowning. He asks whom he will reform himself for. Emily is silent. Atharva says no one has an answer to his question, he is alone in his life. Imlie asks him not to cover his debauchery with a blanket of helplessness; neither his parents, she or Chini don’t bother him, he is bothering himself by trying to stay away from his music; she says when she tries to get out of her grief with a job, even he should be busy with his music. She gets her office call and moves aside. He thinks that she is so strong that she arranges her father and even her work, he will not disturb her from now on. Imlie returns and does not find him there. She runs downstairs and becomes concerned when she sees the main door open.

Arpita and Sundar feel happy when they see Chini chatting with Abhishek smiling. Rupali says Chini needs something else. Sundar says that in an arranged marriage, the couple marries first and then slowly understands each other, it would be a similar case with Chini and Abhishek. Chini asks Rupali if she and Abhishek can go for a long drive. Rupali agrees and says they will complete the remaining rituals until they return. Chini thinks more ritual means more designer dresses and diamond jewelry, so she has to stay behind to wrap it up. She says they will stay back. Rupali says she knows Chini’s choice so Chini needn’t worry. Chini and Abhishek leave.

Atharva walks down the road and keeps drinking alcohol, thinking that he shouldn’t bother Imlie from now on. Imlie looks for him and notices a speeding truck heading towards him. She runs and rescues him just before a truck hits him. They both fall to the side and their eyes lock. Imlie then comes to his senses and scolds him. Atharva says he doesn’t need her help and asks why he should let her help when he always lied and betrayed her. Imlie says because she… He asks what? She says because she had promised his parents to reform him. She snatches his alcohol bottle and insists on drinking it. He resists, saying he will only leave it if she drinks the entire bottle. Imlie agrees, sips alcohol and spits it out. Atharva says she can’t handle it. Imlie says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and will keep every promise. She walks away drinking the whole bottle as he runs after her.

Abhishek says while driving that it is a pleasant climate and that it is allowed to rain, he likes rain. She asks him to close the windows as it spoils her skin and hair. He closes the window and asks what she likes. She says her jewelry. he asks seriously. She says because her cute chiku shake/Abhishek gave it as a present. He stops at an orphanage and says he usually comes here for peace of mind. Chini stands in front of the orphanage gate, asks him to click her pictures, then posts them on social media with a #sukoon #charity and says let’s go back. Abhishek asks if she is serious. Imlie gets drunk. Atharva tries to dissuade her from drinking more. Imle pours out her heart and says that he wants her to take care of his parents and his parents want her to take care of him, but no one knows what her heart wants. He asks what her heart wants. Rain begins. She says she wants to dance forgetting everything and dances to Nachoon Aaj Cham Cham Cham.. song. Atharva also joins her. A few schoolchildren join them. He looks at her and smiles.

Imlie suggests that he pour his heart into his music on New Year’s Eve and think that only his hookline has disappeared from his life and not his music. Atharva shouts that she doesn’t know what his hookline means to him and he will cancel the event. Imlie says if he doesn’t, she will perform. Fans are waiting for Arto. Imlie nervously thinks how she will perform if she knows nothing about music.