Imlie December 2, 2022 Written episode, written update at

Atharva jumps in the truck and signals children to divert attention from the goons. Children ask goons to feed them because they are hungry. Drunk goons warn them to sit still. Boss notices that Atharva is missing and asks Imlie. Imlie says a stream of air doesn’t need anyone’s permission to come and go. Goon takes out his gun to shoot her. She is holding a gun. Atharva defeats goons and throws them out of the truck. Imlie also grabs the boss’s gun and throws him out of the truck. Children praise Imlie and Atharva and say they want to become real heroes just like them. Atharva asks Imlie if she is okay. She says yes. Children ask how they fell in love, if Imlie’s is Atharva’s first love. Atharva says no. Imlie asks who it is then, she means kids want to know. He says his teacher at school was his first crush. Imlie says she fell in love with him instantly. He feels nervous and changes the subject, says that they have to turn children over to their parents. Imlie says they will go to the treatment center and inform their parents.

Imlie calls Chini. Chini acts like scared and asks her to come soon. Imlie says she’ll be there soon. Chini boasts to the nurse that she is so popular that people always call her, it’s time to win the best actress award. She quietly cuts off the power, locks herself in a cold room, and begs Arto and Imlie to come rescue her. Atharva and Imlie reach treatment center with children. The nurse calls the energy company and files a complaint. Imlie asks nurse about Chini’s room. The nurse ignores her. Imlie notices that Titu is missing and sets out to find him. Titu and a girl wander through the treatment room. The doctor notices them and runs after them to catch them. Power returns. The temperature in the refrigerator compartment begins to drop. Chini calls Imlie and Arto for help. A girl notices her and informs Arto and Imlie.

Imlie panics when she sees Chini trapped in the cold store. Atharva tries to open it and calls the staff. The staff tries to open the room. Imlie takes the keys and opens them. Chini pushes Imlie in and runs out and locks Imlie in the room. Imlie tries to open the door, but fails. Girl tells Chini that Imlie even saved her, Imlie is a super girl. Atharva asks Imlie to use keys and open the door. Imlie finds keys in her hands. Chini grins when she sees that. Imlie jokes that she is locked in the room and Rudra is outside, she is a fool. Rudra says she’s in favor of saving Chini and getting trapped in it herself. Atharva asks the staff to bring another key. The cold storage temperature continues to drop and Imlie is cold. Staff returns and informs that staff with a different key are on leave. Atharva panics when she sees Imlie shivering from the cold. Girl asks who will rescue Imlie now. Atharva says he will not let anything happen to Imlie. He tries to keep Imlie awake while talking to her. Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai.. song playing in the background. Imlie loses consciousness. Atharva gets tense as Chini grins.

Precap: Chini gets a bomb repair card for Rudra.
Atharva takes the map and opens it. Bomb starts ticking.