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Abhishek thanks Chini by phone and says that he saw his family happy today thanks to her and that is important to him. Chini says he is important to her. Abhishek asks her to always be honest as she was on their first meeting and asks if she is happy with their engagement. Chini says she is and says he’s so irritable, then says he’s so funny. She breaks the calls and sees Arpita, Sundar and Rupali discussing something serious, walks over and asks if they are talking about the shine of her engagement ring. Arpita asks if she couldn’t see the gleam in Abhishek’s eyes after getting her. Rupali says that Chini couldn’t appreciate or respect her sister, at least she should now realize the true value of a diamond/Abhishek or else she would be lost. Chini says she pushed Abhishek for an early engagement and would convince him for an early marriage. Abhishek is super rich. Sundar says he is also an educated smart boy. Chini says she told the same thing. Arpita warns her not to ruin Abhishek’s life the way she ruined Imlie’s life. Chini says she is involved with Imlie’s husband and will not be involved with Abhishhek’s husband. Rupali warns her to behave or she will beat her. Chini says they all take out their frustration on her about losing Imlie. Arpita says she is responsible for Imlie’s marriage loss and asks her to accept her mistake. Chini says they will never be happy for her even though Imlie would have been happy.

She walks out of there yelling at them and calls Imlie to see what Imlie is doing after berating her. Devika and Shivani try to calm down the heavily intoxicated Atharva. Atharva asks if they can hear Chini. Devika cries and prays god. Atharva tells her to leave him if she wants God to answer her; no one talks to her, not even Imlie, Chini, Rudra, etc.; he harasses everyone; tomorrow’s headline is that DJ Arto is done. Devika walks aside and cries more. Rudra notices that and walks away. Keya and Akash rejoice seeing Atharva’s plight and think that they will only enjoy Atharva’s property. Shivani blames Imlie for Atharva’s condition. Devika asks if she can’t see Imlie’s pain. Shivani says that women face domestic violence but Atharva never physically or mentally harassed Imlie and so Imlie should forgive Atharva and help him recover. Devika asks if she says so, considering Imlie unfavorable even now, but Imlie has to follow her patni-dharma and compromise situationally. Devikas says that neither Imlie will compromise nor she is alone, she and Rudra are with Imlie and will not let any more wrongs befall Imlie, both Imlie and Atharva must learn to deal with themselves. Atharva falls down. They both run to him.

Imlie looks for her phone and realizes that he left it in Atharva’s room. China enters. Imlie asks what she is doing right now. Chini says she hasn’t even said hi or hello and is just questioning her; she came to congratulate her for getting along well with Atharva today, though Atharva never gives importance to her. Imlie says someone greater in status and respect has the right to supplement, Chini is by no means greater than her. Chini says she is older than her though she doesn’t look old, maybe that’s why Imlie couldn’t win her husband’s heart as her husband’s eyes were only on her face. She taunts Imlie that she was really a fool that she couldn’t realize her husband met her sister behind her. Imlie says Chini got engaged today and instead of talking about it and Abhishek came to talk about the past which is now insignificant. Chini says she is very happy, but since then Imlie became an emotionless robot. Imlie says Imlie is the same, but Chini is always different; she should stop wasting her time as she doesn’t want to know why she used to meet Arto. Chini says that Arto always forced her to meet him. Imlie tells her to get late and leave. Chini says she came to get her remaining things. Imlie says to take what’s left here and never come back. Chini thinks Imlie has given her a good ear, anyway she is not worried about Devdas Arto and lonely Paro and would be happy as the queen of Abhishek away from all this tension.

Imlie walks into Atharva’s room and finds Devika and Shivani trying to control the heavily intoxicated Atharva. Shivani curses Imlie and Chini for ruining Atharva’s life and says Imlie will leave after Rudra gets better and makes Atharva hurt. They should get Atharva married to another girl soon. Devika asks how she can think of Atharva’s second marriage with Imlie’s presence. She sees Imlie standing there. Atharva creeps up to Imlie and insists she talk to her. Imlie asks him to leave her hand. Atharva begs her to help him become like her or he will die. Imlie remembers Atharva telling Chini that he loves her and not Imlie. She lets go of her hand and walks away. Shivani curses Imlie again. The next morning, Imlie wakes Atharva by throwing a bucket of water on him. Atharva gets mad at her. Imlie says he’s wasting time commenting and it’s already 8:05am, he should be getting ready by now. Atharva says whom to get ready for. She asks him to get ready and go to work. He asks why she is doing this. She says he asked her for help. He remembers the event and says he asked her to stay home for Dad and nothing more than that, he was drunk last night. Imlie says he has lost his love and everything and needs to stop apologizing. Atharva says he must have someone to change, she will leave him again soon. Imlie says she is bounded by his promise and her heart is bounded by his love.

Precap: Imlie agrees to help Atharva as a friend not a wife, serves him bittersweet juice in the morning and throws out alcohol.