Imlie 29th December 2021 Written Update

Dev Comes To The Room And Says That He Dreads That Anu Is Always After Meethi To Show Lower And Now Malini Is Becoming Like Her And Wants To Show Imlie Lower. Malini Says To Him That He Has Changed And He Never Takes Her Side. He Says To Her That She Is Now Always On The Wrong Side. He Says To Her That There Is Still Time To Do Better And Mend Their Ways. He Tells Her That He Is Not Going To Come To The Wedding, Anu Says To Her To Not Worry As She Will Get Her Married. Malini Comes Outside And Asks Aditya To Take A Selfie, And Imlie Sees Them And Is About To Fall. Aryan Says To Her Again She Was Losing Focus. She Then Goes To The Hall And Anu Asks Her To Take A Side As It Is The Bride’s Entry.

Imlie Thinks To Herself Seeing The Mandap That She Shouldn’t See The Wedding And Break Her Heart. She Says To Herself That She Cannot See The Wedding. Imlie Is About To Leave When Aparna Stops Her. She Requests Her To Stop The Wedding And Not Let Aditya Make Such A Big Mistake As It Is Their Last Chance.She Says That Aditya Doesn’t Listen To Her Anymore. She Tells Her To Tell Him That She Still Loves Him And Fights For Their Relationship. Imlie Says She Cannot Fight And Leaves. She Thinks To Herself That Aparna Is Right And It’s Her Last Chance. She Thinks That She Has To Try.

Pankaj Sees Aditya Alone And Asks Him Why There Are Tears In His Eyes When He’s Not The Bride. He Says To Him That He As A Father Has Never Asked Him To Do Something According To Him, But Today He Is Asking Him To Not Get Married As He’s Still In Love With Imlie. Aditya Sees Malini And Says To Her That He Wants To Talk To Her.

Malini Says To Him That They Cannot Talk To Her Later After The Wedding. He Says To Her That He Cannot Marry Her As He Is Still In Love With Imlie. He Says To Her That The Truth Is She Is A Good Friend Of His And He Will Also Support Her. Malini Says She Should Be Sorry To Imlie As She Blamed Her For Her Failed Marriage But It Was Her Fault. She Says To Him That She Loved Him Too Much To See That He’s Spineless. She Says He Can Go Forward And Do What He Wants. After He Leaves She Says And She Will Do What Feels Right For Her.

Aditya Texts Imlie To Meet Him And Clear The Doubts. Aryan Reads The Message And Thinks To Himself That He Should Tell Imlie. He Then Remembers Everything That Happened To Imlie And Says To Himself That He Will Protect Imlie From Aditya As He Doesn’t Deserve Her.

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