Imlie 28th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Imlie dancing happily with guests. Aryan notices her and thinks was he being tough to her? Will she let this marriage happen ultimately? Imlie smiles at him and enjoys. Badi Ma leaves the function and Narmada gets bit upset. Aryan hugs her. Aparna says the wedding muhurat will be on today evening only. Aditya thinks he won’t let Imlie marry Aryan at any cost.

Gudiya is busy on her phone and Badi Ma tells her to do something else Aryan will never look at her. Gudiya says she has many followers on social media, they love her but Aryan is different than others. Badi Ma replies she thinks Imlie is responsible as she trapped Aryan in such a way he doesn’t look at other girls. Gudiya hopes to stop the wedding and Imlie says it’s possible. She shows them the same pin by which they made a hole on the lantern. Gudiya gets shocked and asks her not to tell that to anyone. Badi Ma and Gudiya try to plead before her so she doesn’t reveal the truth to Aryan.

Imlie says she has no sympathy for Badi Ma as she insulted Arpita and Narmada but she can understand Gudiya’s feelings for Aryan. She saw her in Aryan’s house on Sangeet night. She cares for Aryan. Gudiya says Imlie doesn’t know she followed her not Aryan. She starts her acting and hugs Imlie saying she really loves Aryan a lot. Imlie says she has a plan which will help her to get married to Aryan. She asks Gudiya and Badi Ma to strike a deal with her. Badi Ma smirks.

Sundar bumps into Arpita mistakenly and the haldi falls on her from the thal. Arpita gets shocked and she cleans her saree restlessly. Sundar tells her not to panic and calms her down. He says it depends on people’s different thinking. She should not feel bad that Haldi fell on her. Arpita thanks him and leaves. Imlie and Aryan get ready for their wedding.

Arpita compliments Aryan’s look and there Aryan thinks he won’t trouble Imlie anymore but she has to talk to him. He looks at her anklet. Imlie thinks after some time this drama will end for her and she will get rid of the cheater. Meethi tells Imlie that Aryan will take care of her wishes and she will be very happy with him.

The baraat arrives and Aryan comes. Imlie looks into the mirror and imagines she is taking off her jewels. She then gets up and sees Gudiya coming towards her in the same wedding attire. Gudiya smiles at Imlie. Meethi performs aarti of Aryan and the latter thinks he will surely talk to Imlie. She accepted his family and he has to thank her for everything.

Narmada asks Badi Ma where is Gudiya ? Badi Ma says Gudiya is upset due to Aryan’s wedding so she won’t come here. Badi Ma fears that Gudiya might reveal the truth to Aryan. Aryan leaves to meet Imlie. Rupy says Aditya hasnt come yet to attend the wedding. Aparna goes to call Aditya and gets shocked seeing him in the same attire like Aryan wore. Aditya says this time he won’t back off but he will marry Imlie today in place of Aryan. She replies he needs to accept that it’s Imlie’s life and she should take her own life decisions not anyone else.

He should leave his adamance. He says he got his back senses finally and he knows Imlie doesnt want to get married so he will stop the wedding. Aparna locks Aditya in the room and cries saying she did it for his own good. He should not take another wrong step and he can’t take decision on Imlie’s behalf. Aditya tells her to open the door saying his heart knows Imlie doesnt want to marry Aryan and he will help her to stop the wedding only. Aparna doesn’t open the door.

Precap- Imlie is seen lying above the mandap with her hands and mouth tied. She thinks Aryan is in danger and she has to save him anyhow. Aryan starts taking pheras with Gudiya.

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