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Devika asks Atharva to quickly get ready to attend Chini’s engagement ceremony. Atharva asks if she won’t look him in the eye. Devika says she doesn’t want to look at her wrong upbringing. Atharva if she ever realized what he is going through. Devika asks if he ever thought what Imlie is going through, he can’t love Imlie but can learn from her to at least be brave. As soon as she leaves, Imlie enters. Atharva’s kurta button breaks and falls in front of Imlie. Imlie takes it, asks Atharva to give him his kurta and quietly puts a button on it. Atharva tells her to fight him but not to do right. Imlie says she can’t do much for him and returns his kurta.

Ranas reaches engagement location. People look at Imlie and Atharva and discuss how they look so good and are made for each other. Chini welcomes everyone and asks if they spend their complements on others, how will they complement the real bride and groom. Abhishek jokes that he looks handsome, but they can all blink. Everyone smiles. Imlie and Abhishek walk onto the stage to exchange rings. Sundar takes them off for a dance. They dance to Dil Chori Sadda Hogaay.. song. Atharva feels heartbroken when she sees Chini happily dancing with Abhishek and drinking alcohol. Akash pulls him aside and asks what if papaji notices him. Atharva says he made a mistake in hiding his emotions, let him express his emotions freely today. Imlie walks towards Atharva. Arpita stops her and tells him to deal with his mistake.

Atharva quits music and says he will play music for Chini and Abhishek. He plays a Punjabi song and dances around Abhishek and Chini with a wobbly step. Chini thinks Atharva has really become devdas. Atharva misbehaves around guests and takes more alcohol glasses. Imlie stops him and warns him to stop now. She holds his hand and asks him to come with her. He resists. She says if he really considers her his friend then he should go with her. He agrees, and she takes him away. Rudra says they came here to treat Imlie but Imlie is here treating Atharva. Keya says Imlie leaves no chance to show off. Rudra asks if she has a better idea to deal with Atharva then she can continue. Keya stands mom.

Atharva resists again. Imlie warns him that she is very angry with him. He asks her to stop calling him respectfully and just call him Arto. She says she lost her love and sister because of him. He says that he lost his love and asks to forgive him. Imlie listens carefully to him and walks away taking her anger out on him. Atharva slips and falls down. Guest discusses what happened with Rana’s younger son and Imlie’s husband. Sundar manages the situation and sends them to eat. He walks to Imlie who thinks it is Atharva and angrily says if he thinks she will forgive him but when he sees Sundar he apologizes. Sundar says he knows that she has come back to Rana’s house to take care of Rudra and she attends Chini’s engagement. She carries a burden of responsibilities just like her mother. Imlie says she will not take on any more responsibilities and has come here to enjoy her sister’s engagement. Sundar says that’s just her girl.

Chini and Abhishek exchange rings and complete the ritual. Everyone claps for them as Atharva stands heartbroken. Arpita tells Rupali that she can see love and truth in Abhishek’s eyes for Chini. Rupali asks if she can see the same in Chini’s eyes. Abhishek and Chini then dance while Imlie and Atharva cry sadly as they reminisce about the moments they spent with their partners.

Precap: Imlie agrees to help Atharva as a friend not a wife, serves him bittersweet juice in the morning and throws out alcohol.