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Imlie walks to Rudra’s room and tries to go back as she sees him sleeping. Rudra opens eyes and calls her. Imlie walks up to him and asks if she can stay behind until he is better. He smiles and kisses her forehead. She asks him to sleep now and will find her for him when he wakes up. From there she leaves. Atharva looks at her. Arpita informs Rupali that Rudra has had a mild heart attack. Rupali says that Imlie got an intuition and rushes to Rana’s house. Chini overhears them and complains that they only care about Imlie and not her. Arpita warns her that if she tries to interfere in Imlie’s life again, she will tell Abhishek why she is marrying him. Chini gets scared and says that her own family threatens her, she will then prepare herself for her engagement. Arpita asks her to postpone her engagement for Imlie’s sake. China walks away.

Devika informs Rudra that Imlie will stay until he is better, but she cannot guarantee after that. Rudra hopes Atharva convinces Chini to stay behind. Atharva thanks Imlie for staying behind for Rudra’s sake. Imlie says that Rudra is also her father. She slips. Atharva runs and holds her. Lock their eyes. Chini enters applauding and says sorry for disturbing lovebirds. She gives her engagement card to Imlie and warns her not to attend if she wants to offend her instead of a relationship. Imlie says she will attend for Abhishek’s sake and says Chini tries to pretend she doesn’t know the difference between relationship and love instead of being different. She continues to berate Chini with heavy dialogues and leaves.

Imlie commissions decorators to decorate her home as a celebrity home for her engagement. Anu enters and proposes to organize her engagement in a lavish place in accordance with her lavish personality. Chini asks if she means Rana House, Rudra and Imlie would disagree after she broke Atharva’s heart. Anu suggests her to talk to Atharva and convince him. Imlie brings juice for Atharva. Atharva asks why she is doing this. She talks about the bonding. He asks her to forgive him. She refuses and leaves after delivering dialogues. Chini calls Atharva. Atharva says he was waiting for her call. She says they can be friends and as a BFF she needs his help. He asks how they can be BFFs after being lovers. She convinces him and asks him to make her engagement happen at Rana House. Atharva refuses and hangs up.

Chini informs Anu that Atharva refused. Anu asks her to continue with her preparations and thinks she knows how to convince Atharva to attend Chini’s wedding. She visits Rana’s house with Chini and invites them to Chini’s engagement. She invites Imlie to attend it with Atharva. Imlie says she chose to stay alone and will attend alone. Atharva refuses to attend. Devika asks Anu to leave as Rudra needs to rest. Anu agrees but before leaving he brainwashes Atharva to attend engagement as Chini acts angry and wants him to break her engagement with Abhishek and marry her himself. Ranas decides not to attend the engagement, but Rudra says that they should make Atharva’s heart break and then make him realize Imlie’s worth. Later Imlie visits Chini and says she will attend the engagement for Abhishek as he is a good man and suggests her not to betray Abhishek as she betrayed them. Chini says she really likes Abhishek. Imlie says her true face will be revealed soon and everyone will know if she can be a responsible woman and DIL.

Precap: Heavily intoxicated Atharva plays music during Chini and Abhishek’s engagement ceremony, creating a drama. Imlie stops him.