Imlie 25th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Imlie coming to the venue for Sangeet and Aryan compliments her. She shows her mehendi to Aryan to show him she washed her hands many times. Aryan asks her what did she get after doing this. Imlie says she will remove his name from her life forever. Aryan pulls her close and says she can start afresh or can do anything she wants but she should not try to remove his name as he is Aryan Singh Rathore and he never fails to get whatever belongs to him. She says she knows how to get rid of trouble like him. She bites his hand to free herself and Aparna comes there. She asks Aryan and Imlie to attend their sangeet function.

Imlie holds Aryan’s hand and sits beside him. Gudiya gets jealous seeing their entry and says she can’t lose because of a maid’s daughter. She will do something to stop Imlie. She breaks a juice glass in anger and leaves. Badi Ma says only Gudiya will get married to Aryan. Sundar teases Imlie saying why she is not dancing on her sangeet. Meethi says Imlie loves to dance and she even danced on someone’s funeral. Imlie interrupts but Aryan tells Meethi to carry on. Imlie says she was just a kid then.

Meethi Aparna and Narmada sing an emotional song for Imlie and they hug her. Imlie thinks she won’t let Aryan blackmail her anymore. She tells everyone to dance and after the music stops they will freeze. That will be the game rule. Aryan gets suspicious. Imlie loses knowingly at first and then she goes out when everyone was busy in dancing. Imlie gets into an auto and goes to Aryan’s house. Gudiya notices her and thinks why Imlie is running away from her own marriage function. She follows her. Aryan looks for Imlie and Arpita says she is in washroom maybe. Aryan thinks he is overthinking.

Imlie reaches Aryan’s house and says she will find the video before Aryan can blackmail her again. She searches for it and finally she finds the pendrive under a Diya near Arvind’s photo. She gets happy and says she has won. She can show this proof to everyone. She plays Aditya’s video in the laptop and Gudiya says she won’t leave this chance to get rid of Imlie. She goes towards Imlie with a knife. Imlie gets shocked to see Aryan there. Gudiya says Imlie got saved. Imlie says she won finally and now she will free himself from his trap and noone can snatch her freedom and decision making rights from her. She is strong.

Aryan says she was strong during Aditya and Malini’s wedding, the peon is strong who goes home after finishing his work despite his wife’s bad health. The homemaker who works daily ignoring all health issues but not Imlie who has no dream and lives for his ex husband and his family. She left her job to save them. Imlie says she won’t hear lecture from a person like him who can force a girl to marry him. He should not lecture regarding her family and her love for them.

Aryan says she considered her enemy weak that’s her biggest mistake. Specially when the competitor is Aryan Singh Rathore. He says the pendrive file is corrupted as it can be played once only which she played already. He gives her many pendrives like that but he says the video can be in any of these so she can check them one by one to show them to people. But now they don’t have much time. Imlie feels helpless and he lifts her and she tries to get down but he tells her to relax.

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