Imlie 24th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Aparna saying it was her fault, that’s why his son wants to leave his family for a girl like Malini. Malini brings tea for Tripathis and says they should not be hungry like this. She says she had problem with Imlie as she came between her and Aditya. Malini gives tea to Rupy and the latter throws it away saying Malini is a criminal and she should stop her drama. She would have got arrested but because of her child she got spared. Malini asks them not to cut ties with her at least for the sake of the child. Aditya comes and Malini tells him take decision thinking about their child. Aparna tells him he has to choose Malini or his mother. If he chooses Malini she will cut ties with him. Aditya takes her inside the house. Aparna is hurt and Pankaj consoles her.

Narmada lights diya and prays for Imlie. Narmada tells Aryan that loneliness is like a trap and thus he fought for Imlie and stayed by her side when she needed support. He should pray that Imlie always stays strong and faces everything bravely. Aryan takes off his shoes and performs aarti of God. He says what reward Imlie will get after proving the truth. Why she looked like she lost everything. Imlie enters and Aryan calls the servants seeing Imlie’s dirty clothes. He asks her what happened to her. He makes her sit. He scolds her for not calling him and for not taking care of herself. He covers her with a towel and cleans her hands feet with water soaked towel. She gets delighted seeing his concern and says she wants to thank him. Aryan says he just saw potential in her so he helped her not because they are friends. Imlie asks him to hear praises without refusing to take credits. She says there are many talented people but they don’t get enough support to prove their potential. She is thanking him for giving her the opportunity. He didnt think of any advantage for himself. She calls him a special person for her. Aryan smiles and then Imlie says she doesn’t believe in love or marriage anymore but he taught her to move on. She says she can’t love anyone in her life again. She shakes hand with him.

Malini thinks Aditya is with her but he packs her belongings and tells her to leave. Malini says he should think about the child. He says she should not remind him again and again that she took advantage of him, she tried to kill Imlie and provoked him to send Satyakam to jail. He says he can’t get her arrested for that he will regret but he will send Anu to jail. Malini gives him the swear of the child but he warns her to not use their child else he will change his mind and won’t spare her. He tells her to realise what she did and should rectify those. He says he can be friends with an animal but won’t accept her as friend anymore. He takes her out of the house and asks her to leave. He hopes they never meet in future again. Sundar carries Malini’s luggage. Malini leaves.

Precap- Anu tells Malini while hugging her that they will talk in their house. Aditya says Anu can’t go home. Satyakam arrives in Police jeep.

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