Imlie 23rd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Aparna telling Malini why she did all these? She considered Imlie as her sister, she used to stop Anu from badmouthing Imlie then why she changed all of a sudden that she even planned to kill her. She sold Imlie’s dignity and Aparna shouts at Anu for misbehaving with Imlie always. She forgot that if Malini was in Imlie’s place what would have happened. Aparna says she will file complaint against Anu. Malini says she did all these because of Imlie. Imlie snatched everything from her and noone is able to see that. Malini says Imlie made her a bad person. She loves Aditya only. Aparna says that’s why she spiked his juice and took advantage of him. What type of love is this that she even tried to separate him from his family.

Malini says she only knows she is Aditya’s wife and she is pregnant. She pleads Aditya saying she can’t live without him and he can’t change the fact that if she goes away from him he will lose his child too. If he doesn’t want to leave his family then she will adjust with them and will stay here but she won’t leave him. Imlie leaves the house and Aryan goes behind her with his family. Malini tells Aditya that Imlie left him alone again but she will always stay with him. Pankaj says Malini has no shame, Rupy says Malini is even using her child to control Aditya. Aparna gives time to Aditya to take the right decision till then they won’t enter the house. Tripathis leave.

Imlie sits silently outside of the house and Aryan tries to talk to her. Narmada says Imlie suffered a lot still she brought happiness in their lives. Her smile is like a favour and a blessing on them. Narmada leaves Tripathi house and tells Aparna this time they should leave as Tripathis need each other. Aparna thanks Aryan for the immense support towards Imlie.

Aryan notices Aditya near Imlie and he leaves saying they both need time to talk to each other. Aryan leaves and Imlie stares at him. (Ye dooriyan plays in background.) Aditya kneels down before Imlie and apologizes to her with folded hands. He tells Imlie to punish him not because he trusted that person who tried to kill her but because he broke his wife’s trust and doubted her intentions. He says he can’t live with this guilt. He makes Imlie slap him repeatedly. Imlie tells him not to touch her. She is about to leave but falls on the mud.

Aditya helps her get up and tries to clean the mud but she says he humiliated her a lot and that stain can’t be removed easily. Aditya asks for punishment but she says he wants to live a guilt free life but she is not his wife. Meethi, Satyakam believe in her. She doesn’t want to hear anything as she is really tired of all these. She exposed Malini and now she wants nothing. Aditya holds her hand and asks for one chance to rectify his mistakes. Imlie leaves saying she has nothing to give him. Aditya gets heartbroken. Imlie leaves.

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