Imlie 23rd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Imlie thanking Aryan for stopping Anu. Aryan says he was just protecting his staff nothing else. Imlie says she knows he is not normal so he didn’t say welcome. She goes to check the footage and Aryan says nothing is exciting in the footage. They will be at risk if they publish it on page three. They have to add some extra fun. Anu humiliates Imlie by calling her illicit child of Dev. She says Imlie can add extra drama in this marriage as she is the step sister of Malini. Aditya was once her husband and now he will marry her sister Malini. Anu asks what is Imlie’s reaction in this matter, is she not sad. Imlie says she believes in action not in reaction.javascript:false

Imlie gives a dance performance on Haari Mai song. She expresses her pain through the performance. She bumps into Aryan while performing. Her teardrop falls on Aryan’s hand and he feels her pain. Imlie finishes her performance and Aditya sees her. He leaves. Rupy and Nishant decide to sort things out between Aditya and Imlie. Imlie wears her Simran’s get up and again and Rupy lies to her that her colleagues are calling her in a room. Rupy then locks Imlie in the room where Aditya is also present. Malini hears from someone that Imlie is missing. She gets tensed thinking Imlie and Aditya should not get any chance to clear their misunderstanding. She immediately goes to find them.

Imlie gets shocked seeing Aditya and tries to open the door. Aditya asks her why is she acting so restless as if she is afraid of Aryan’s reaction. Imlie replies she is just thinking about Malini’s reaction, she may blame her for no reason. Aditya says what Imlie found in Aryan that she started liking him. Imlie says Aditya broke ties with her and wrote against her and he is expecting her to feel guilty. How funny is that. Aditya says she left him with no option. He is about to tell her that she sent him divorce papers on their anniversary and Malini finds them.

Malini opens the door and questions Imlie what she is trying to do with Aditya. Is she again trying to blackmail Aditya emotionally just like last time. Malini accuses her and calls her cunning and cheap. She says now Imlie is divorced so she can’t spend time with Aditya or trap him. She should have thought about it before signing the papers. She can’t snatch Aditya from her again. Rupy tries to interfere but Malini shuts her up. Imlie shouts at Malini saying for how long she will keep putting the blame on her.

Sundar spills mehendi on Aryan’s shirt and it gets dirty. Sundar tries to clean it but Aryan tells him not to. Arpita comes and says it’s Sundar’s fault only. Arpita scolds him and the latter again gets mesmerized seeing Arpita’s beauty. Sundar imagines he is dancing with her. Arpita says last time he dropped her bag and now he made Aryan’s shirt dirty. Aryan says he will manage it, its okay. Arpita asks Sundar why he is carrying mehendi, where are the women. She doesn’t let Sundar speak. Sundar tells her to apply mehendi on her hands but she gets upset recalling Arvind’s death. Narmada takes Arpita from there.

Imlie tells Malini that she never wanted a husband so she won’t snatch anyone’s husband. There are many evidences too to prove her loyalty. Imlie adds she has many work so she doesn’t have time to waste. She won’t spend time with Aditya ever. Aditya taunts her back saying his income is not enough for her so she left him. Rupy apologises to Imlie as it was her plan. Imlie gets upset.

Sundar gives fresh clothes to Aryan and requests him to wear it for the function. Aryan goes to change and he overhears Harish’s talk with someone. Harish says he will pay the debt soon, the latter should not tell anything to his family. Aryan thinks to use this to avenge Aditya.

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