Imlie 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Meethi speaking her heart out that how she raised Imlie and she used to pray for Imlie’s happiness. Meethi thanks everyone for accepting Imlie and giving the love to her. She says she will celebrate the marriage functions with so much excitement. Imlie got the best partner.

Imlie hugs Meethi and thinks she can’t reveal the truth to Meethi. Aryan thinks Meethi doesn’t know Imlie hates him. Narmada says Aryan and Imlie both consider marriage rituals as game so they did court marriage at first. Narmada tells Aryan and Imlie to sit together. They sit and maintain a distance from each other. Arpita tells them to sit close to each other. Its their marriage functions so they should not argue. Arpita gives one chair to them and tell them to sit together by sharing space. Imlie and Aryan deny saying that’s not possible.

They are forced to do that and Imlie pushes away Aryan with her elbow and he says he can attack her too. Imlie says she won’t give him place to sit. He has to find his own place. Aryan looks into her eyes and says he is Aryan Singh Rathore and he can make his own place. Imlie gets nervous and gets up from the chair but everyone tells them to share the chair again. They ask to apply mehendi on Imlie’s hands to which she doesn’t answer.

Aditya says that why she is stopping herself as it’s her wish to marry Aryan. Imlie shows her mehendi design to everyone which she applied on her hands beforehand. She says she didn’t tell them for that she is sorry. She praises Aryan and he wonders how Imlie performed the ritual so easily. Aditya gets jealous and angry. Gudiya tells Badi Ma to do something else she will never get Aryan as her husband. Badi Ma says Imlie didnt give her scope to plan anything this time. Aryan and Imlie dance together on Aiveyi loot gya song after everyone insists them. Imlie gets irked seeing Aryan’s expressions.

Sundar tells Aditya to join them but the latter tries to slap him in anger. Aparna and Pankaj stop Aditya. Aditya says Sundar should know when to speak what! Aparna says she tried to convince him a lot that he should move on but he is not listening. Why he is creating scene in front of guests. Aryan says Aditya is ruining their functions. Aditya is about to react but Aparna takes him away. Narmada tells Aryan to calm down. Sundar is hurt but he hides his pain.

Arpita gives lantern to Imlie and Aryan. She gets emotional while explaining things to Imlie. She says Imlie brought happiness in their dark lives when three of them were struggling. Aryan needs Imlie but he won’t tell her that. So Imlie should always stay by his side. She tells them to light the lantern and pray. Imlie holds the lantern and asks Aryan does he know what will happen after the truth gets revealed.

He should think about Arpita’s pain. Aryan says she has no idea what is his priorities. Imlie tells that their prayers will be individual not united. He says his dream is getting fulfilled so she should pray what she wants. He doesn’t need God’s help to fulfil his dream. Imlie says he is overconfident. They light the lantern together and look at each other.

Precap- Aryan asks Imlie how she applied mehendi as she is not interested to perform any ritual. She takes off a plastic from her palm and shows him her clean hands saying she betrayed him.

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