Imlie 22nd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Malini getting Aparna’s call that she is going to temple with family members for some time. Malini refuses to accompany them thinking she will talk to her mother and Aditya. Imlie asks Aryan what is he planning to do as she doesn’t feel anything will work and Malini will win over her again. Aryan says they didn’t lose yet. She has to follow what he is saying. Aditya questions Anu what Malini did, what is happening even Imlie is missing. Anu gets irked hearing her name and tells him give respect to Malini as she is his pregnant wife. He married her to take revenge from Imlie but that doesn’t he won’t even care for his child and will give mental stress to her. Imlie got everything but Malini got taunts from his family only. Aditya leaves with Anu for Tripathi house.

Malini feels relaxed that finally Imlie can’t trouble her anymore as she destroyed the proof. Imlie appears and Malini gets shocked seeing the projector.

Malini asks her what nonsense is this. She underestimates Imlie saying the latter can’t do anything except talking nonsense. Imlie says this time she is not talking rubbish but she has proofs and Malini can’t destroy it. She thought her opponent was weak, that was the biggest mistake she made. Aryan says the game was unfair at first as Imlie was fighting against Malini, Anu and their money. Now he is with Imlie so the game is fair. Imlie plays the video where Malini is coming towards her with the roller coaster. Malini gets shocked and she asks how Imlie got that video. How is it possible. Aryan says Malini became blind and overconfident so she didn’t see the drones above her.

Which recorded everything. Malini is about to fall and says she will destroy this proof too. Imlie holds her and Malini curses her saying you should have died after falling down. She says Imlie is not her sister but she is a girl who snatched her husband, her love and ruined her future. Imlie did it for money just how Meethi snatched Dev from Anu. Imlie opposes against that saying if she had that intention she would have accepted Dev’s offer long time ago. Malini says then you wanted to take revenge from me. Imlie says destiny was responsible for her and Aditya’s marriage but Malini did everything on her own. Malini reveals all her misdeeds how she mixed intoxicants in juices and spent night with Aditya but she is not guilty for that. She trapped Satyakam and she only told him to take Imlie with him but he shot Aditya instead. She sent him in jail after that.

She reveals how she did all these to get back her love. She wants to separate Imlie and Aditya. Tripathis at that hears everything and Rupy closes Anu’s mouth forcibly. Aditya gets shocked hearing everything. Malini says she will now knowingly push Imlie to death because if she stays near Aditya he will always love her only. She says she used to love Imlie but in return she got nothing but pain. Aditya calls Malini and then Imlie plays the last video where Malini is holding Satyakam at gunpoint and shoots herself. Imlie says that day she lost her relationship with Aditya forever.

Imlie loses her balance and Aryan holds her before Aditya could do that. Malini breaks all the set up. She tries to explain everything to Aparna but Aparna slaps her. Anu shouts at her saying how dare she slapped Malini. Aparna says Anu couldn’t become a good mother and Malini won’t become a good mother too. Her child is the sign of her sin. Aparna tells Malini not to call her mother. She is only Imlie’s mother.

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