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Chini reaches the restaurant and excitedly hugs Atharva from behind and mistakes him as Abhishek and thanks him for this wonderful surprise. Atharva turns around. Chini gets angry when she sees him and tries to leave. Atharva gets on top of her and says they sit and can talk. Chini says there is nothing to say because their relationship is over. Atharva says Imlie knows about his affair and they can announce their relationship with her. He hugs her tightly. Rudra says there is no need to explain. Atharva is shocked to see his whole family standing in front of him. Chini fears she will lose Abhishek. Rudra says Imlie now knows about his and Chini’s affair and shows Imlie standing with tears in her eyes. Devika slaps Atharva and blames flaws in her upbringing for Atharva to commit such a heinous act. Shivani stops her saying that it is her good upbringing that Atharva had told them that he doesn’t love Imlie, but Rudra and Devika forcefully made him marry Imlie. Imlie breaks when she hears that.

Rathores enters. Keya taunts them for teaching their daughters to share things among themselves hence Imlie and Chini share Atharva. Devika warns her to shut up. Keya says she wants to know why Imlie and Chini are both after Atharva. Rupali says their family had come up with an alliance for Imlie. Divya says that they had many alliances for Atharva but Rudra and Devika made him forced to marry Imlie. Rupali asks why they didn’t get Atharva married to one of the many girls. Shivani says that they dumped their inauspicious daughter in our house, then all the accidents happened in their house. Rupali asks why they don’t reveal Atharva’s secret too. Accusations and counter-accusations continue. Imlie yells to stop.

She walks to Rudra and asks if he knew in advance that Atharva loves someone else and not her then why did he let Atharva marry her. Rudra says he thought Atharva would reform in her company. Imlie says that Atharva cannot lift his head because of Rudra. Rudra says he is mistaken and speechless. Imlie tells Atharva that he has hurt her all her life. She then said that she ruined her life and betrayed her. Chini tries to justify herself. Imlie slaps her hard and says she’s mistaken. Imlie says she and Atharva are both mistaken. Imlie warns her to lower her gaze and says that people rightly say that whoever is closest betrays them the most, stooping so low that it forced her to hit her.

Chini says she was beaten, but everyone blames her; Imlie acts like a victim again and accuses her as a villain again. Rupali stops her. Chini says to let her speak today and says she was always considered Imlie’s sidekick, her own family loves Imlie more than her and she is a stranger in her own home. She says the bitter truth here is that Imlie is a Rathore and she is a Tripathi, a second class citizen as her mother was treated. Rupali says they always thought of Imlie and Chini as equals. Imlie says if Chini had told her she would have given her everything. Chini even asks Arto? Imlie says that Atharva is not something to be sacrificed, but if Chini had informed her ahead of time, she would have gotten out of the way. Chini says it’s years of frustration. Imlie says that like her mother she is a fire and not ashes. She leaves from there crying.

Precap: Atharva tells Imlie that his father had a heart attack because of him and no one supports him. Needing Imlie’s support, he asks her to stay behind for Rudra’s sake.