Imlie 21st February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Malini seeing Imlie. She thinks Imlie is really dead. She wonders why noone has noticed this dead body and Aryan left the place without even touching Imlie. Malini then heads towards Imlie with a roller-coaster to end the matter forever. Aryan notices that and records it in his phone. He says now Imlie has solid proof against Malini and the latter can’t harm Imlie as he is with him. Imlie thinks she has the last chance to expose Malini she can’t lost it.

She doesn’t move from that position. Malini smashes all the stuffs that comes her way. Aryan gets tensed for Imlie. He shouts Imlie and asks her to move from there but Imlie is lying there still. The roller-coaster comes close to Imlie and Aryan rushes to her to save her. He pulls her and Imlie gets saved. He scolds her for trying to sacrifice her life. Malini gets down and says she knew it that Imlie is just acting and scared Anu unnecessarily.

But a business tycoon like Aryan also came under her influence that he forgot all his works and following Imlie’s order. Imlie shuts her up but Malini says Imlie is the most manipulative person she has ever seen. She is using Aryan to get back Aditya just how she used her earlier. Aryan surprisingly agrees with Malini and she tells him to open his eyes to see Imlie’s reality as he is allowing her to stay in his house, giving her promotion and following her orders for no reason. Imlie asks Aryan if he really feels Malini is right.

Aryan then shows the recording to Malini saying now everyone will know that Imlie can give her life for her loved ones but Malini can even kill people that’s her true colors. Malini gets shocked to see the proof and she snatches the phone from him and destroys it by keeping it under the roller-coaster. Imlie tries to take it but Aryan stops her. Malini says now the proof is gone, they can’t prove anything.

Imlie says Malini can’t lie to people for long, she get exposed one day. Malini says then Imlie should scare people by being ghost all her life but she won’t be able to expose her. She lost the challenge too. Malini calls the police and asks them for help saying two people are trying to attack her. She needs their help as she is pregnant. Police comes and Malini complaints to them against Imlie and Aryan. Imlie says this is all a lie. Aryan says Imlie and Malini are sisters and it was a prank so Malini got scared. But she is pregnant so Police can drop her home. Malini leaves. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand but she leaves saying he should not waste his time behind her.

Anu calls Aditya out of fear and asks him to come to her as she is alone. Aditya wonders where is Malini. Imlie washes her face and gets fed up. She has she couldn’t get the chance to become a wife, she couldn’t express her love for her husband and now she can’t save her family from Malini. What is her fault that she is feeling so helpless. She is tired now. Why Aditya came into her life if she had to lose him. She cries. Aryan listens to her and asks her to not question God. But she should call Tripathis now and follow his instructions only. She has to make her own way. Anu calls Malini and tells her to come back but the latter says she is meeting Aditya directly. Anu asks her what she did. Aditya enters and questions Anu what Malini did.

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