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Anu convinces Atharva to come to Chini. Atharva says he will do as Anu says. Anu thinks she will now use Atharva to her advantage. Chini receives a message about a 5-star hotel reservation from the CEO of the hotel for her. She feels happy when she thinks that Abhishek has reserved a table for her again. Imlie prays to god that she learned to speak the truth by hearing his parents’ and Chini’s stories directly from her parents, but for the first time she saw Chini lie for the first time. She notices Chini leaving the house and follows her. Chini notices her car and thinks whatever must have happened between Atharva and Imlie, if Imlie reveals the truth to Abhishek, Abhihek will not marry her and she will not let that happen. She drives car and recklessly harasses people on the road and causes them to drop their goods on the road. Imlie’s car runs over nails and punctures. Chini grins when she sees that. Imie’s car breaks also fail and she crashes her car into a tree trying to save a lady crossing the road.

Imlie gets out of her car with an injured forehead and tries to fix it. Atharva passes by thinking someone had an accident, but he cannot stop or else he will not be able to meet Chini in time. Imlie thinks Chini must have driven far away. At Rana House, Rudra misses Imlie and Atharva. Akash and Keya join them. Ginni and Ripu make fun of them.
Devika says we’re going to have lunch with the family. Keya says it’s okay because she’s bored of Imlie’s prepared food. Ginni taunts why she doesn’t prepare food for the day and says their lunch outing isn’t complete without Atharva and Imlie after all. The Rana family leaves for a restaurant. Atharva reaches the restaurant and informs the receptionist that he has reserved a table. Receptionist sends him in. He calls Anu, informs that he has reached restaurant and asks why she reserved a table in such a fancy restaurant if he and Chini would have met somewhere else. Anu thinks Chini likes his money and not his emotions; says he is off to get back his lost love, how can she leave no stone unturned. Atharva says he will try his best to convince Chini. She says all the best and hangs up.
Atharva hopes he will make amends with Imlie, ponders why he is talking about Imlie instead of Chini, wishes he could rekindle his friendship with Imlie, and calls Imlie to find out where she is now.

Imlie begs passing vehicles to stop and prays to Sita maiya. A group of thugs pass by and stop their jeep. Imlie asks them to drop her off. Goons pass lewd comments about her. Imlie gets angry and starts walking. Goons follow her. Imlie prays god for help and starts running. She notices a car and begs the driver to drop her off. Goons warns him to leave. Car goes away. Imlie then crashes into a car. Abhishek gets out of the car and asks if she decided to crash on his vehicle alone. Crazy drive away. Imlie reveals that her car was in an accident and goons followed him. Abhishek puts her at ease and puts her in the car. He talks about falling in love. Imlie prays god that he get his wife’s love and protect his love from evil eyes. He smiles. She asks him to drop her off at a hotel. He insists on taking her to a doctor first and then taking her to a hotel. She agrees.

Chini reaches restaurant and feels excited seeing rich environment. Atharva, worried about Imlie, keeps calling her. Imlie chooses conversation. Atharva says he has been calling her for a long time. She asks why. He asks if he can’t call her, says he felt she wasn’t safe and so called to ask if she’s okay. Imlie asks why he feels this way. Atharva says he knows she puts herself in danger to help others. Imlie asks if it’s her fault. Atharva says it’s his fault that he is used to sharing everything with her and apologizes to her. She asks where he is. he says in his studio. She says she’s disconnecting now. He asks if he is really okay. She tells him to question this if he remembers her even after years, he gave her a never-healing wound and should stop worrying about her. She thinks that some things have to be completely broken down in order to rebuild them. She reaches a restaurant to allay her fear of Atharva and Chini.

Precap: Imlie notices Chini hugging Atharva, separates them, slaps Chini and tells her that she never thought Chini would steal her husband like she used to steal her toys. She asks them why they betrayed her.