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Rupali asks Imlie if Atharva told her anything. Imlie says Atharva first told the truth that he loves someone else. Arpita asks who. Imlie says she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know. Arpita says she may be mistaken, let’s call Atharva and clean it up. Imlie says it’s already clear and goes to get a proof. Rupali asks Sundar who could it be other than Chini. Arpita hopes it’s not Chini. Imlie returns with a bracelet she found in Atharva’s pocket and says it must belong to that girl. Chini returns home and says it’s her bracelet. Imlie is horrified and asks Chini if ​​it is hers. China says yes. Imlie says it fell from Atharva’s pocket how it reached Atharva. Chini thinks she has just started climbing a ladder of wealth and doesn’t want Imlie to know about her and Atharva. Imlie asks again how this bracelet reached Atharva. Chini says she gave it to Atharva to get it repaired for free, and asks if she can’t ask such a favor from her Jijaji/BIL. Imlie says she sure likes that she questioned her. Chini leaves from there.

Rupali worries about Imlie. Rupali says that Zr. Imlie had taught her to speak the truth, and now she will. Sundar says that Chini was interfering in Athrva and Imlie’s life, they should settle her soon. Arpita prays god to protect Imlie. Sundar says that Imlie is Sr Imlie’s daughter and knows how to overcome her problems. Rupali hopes Atharva understands Imlie’s value. As Atharva drives home, he remembers Imlie confronting him. Imlie cries when she remembers Atharva talking to someone on the phone and revealing that he loves her and not Imlie. She says there are tears in her life. She prays god to keep Atharva happy and give all his sorrows to her. Atharva thinks that the reason for his happiness was his love, his hookline, without whom his music is not complete. He thinks he was confused how to accept Chini in front of everyone, now Imlie knows about him and Chini and left her, even Chini left her, now everything is clear.

Atharva joins the family for breakfast and accidentally addresses Keya as Imlie. Keya says he didn’t even recognize her and sees Imlie everywhere. Devika shuts up. Rudra asks about Imlie. Keya says that Imlie went to her parents’ house. Rudra says that she has not even met her. Devika warns him to call Imlie and complain to him if he picks up any tension. Rudra laughs and asks if Atharva is also staying with Imlie. Devika says he retuned after dropping Imlie. Chini is happy to see Abhishek’s precious gifts for her. Imlie walks over to her. Chini asks how she looks with expensive gifts. Imlie says quite different saying that even she wants to change now and needs Chini’s help. Chini asks what she means. Imlie asks to speak to her if there is something in her heart. Chini says there’s one thing and tells Imlie to stop taking on everyone’s problems and asks her to chill. She talks about Abhishek and asks her to get something to eat instead of her brain and let her talk to her Chiku shake/Abhishek.

Anu visits China. Chini likes to show Abhishek’s expensive gifts. Anu says that even Atharva would have given her expensive gifts, they would have gotten Imlie’s tears as a bonus. Chini says that Imlie always cries anyway. Anu asks who will take Malini’s revenge then. Chini says she is going to find her honeymoon destination and leaves from there. Anu thinks that if it’s not Chini, she’ll use someone else to get Malini’s revenge on Imlie. Rudra asks Atharva why Imlie suddenly left Rana’s house. Atharva says he doesn’t know. Rudra asks what he means. Atharva tells everyone that he doesn’t want to do anything, he will if he gets some time. He leaves as Rudra tries to stop him. Devika asks what happened. Rudra says that something definitely happened between Atharva and Imlie. Devika says it’s good if husband and wife quarrel, they will reconcile and get closer to each other. Rudra says he can’t shut up when he sees his DIL leave the house and prays God to give Atharva some conscience and make him realize Imlie’s worth.

Atharva returns to his room and receives Anu’s call. Anu says that Chini is innocent and is planning her future with someone else but she didn’t expect Atharva to give up so easily as fights happen where there is love. Atharva says he fought with his father and his conscience by not revealing the truth to Imlie, Chini says she didn’t fight but broke up with her. Anu tells him to patch up with her. Atharva says Imlie thinks he didn’t give her what she wanted. Anu tells you to do what he says if he wants Chini back in his life. Atharva agrees. Anu thinks she will use Atharva to get revenge on Imlie.

Precap: Imlie notices Chini hugging Atharva, separates them, slaps Chini and tells her that she never thought Chini would steal her husband like she used to steal her toys. She asks them why they betrayed her.