Imlie 1st February 2022 Written Update

Narmada Says To Aparna That She Will Take Leave As She Has To Also Cook Meals For Aryan. Aparna Says To Her To Cook At Their Place Itself And Welcome The Kids Together. She Says That Aryan Has Helped Imlie To Find Aditya And She Is Very Thankful For That And She Wants To Cook For Him To Show Gratitude. Ruby Says To Her That When The Family Members Left She Stayed And Kept Their Strength So She Should Stay Back In The Happy Moments As Well. The Doorbell Rings, Sundar Brings In A Lawyer. He Tells The Tripathi’s That He Is Malini’s Representative And She Has Filed A Case For Her And Her Child’s Right In The Property. The Family Gets Shocked.

Aditya Sees The Plate Of Food Imlie Left Him And Then Sees Her Laughing With Aryan And Leaves. She Gets Emotional And Gets Up.Fro. Her Chair, Aryan Says To Her Till When She Will Shed Tears After Aditya. He Says To Her If She Doesn’t Want To Listen To Him She Should At Least Hear Her Own Mother, Who Has Told Her To Not Surround Herself With People Who Don’t Value Her. He Says To Her Win In Life She Has To First Start Caring For Herself.

Harish Tears The Court Papers And Says To The Lawyer That Aditya Is Returning So The Papers Are Of No Use. The Lawyer Calls Malini And Informs Her The Same. She Thanks Him For The Information. She Then Gets Angry At Anu For Instigating Her And Bringing Her Home. She Says To Her That Now The Tripathi’s Will Not Take Time To Tell Aditya After He Returns That She Left The Family. Anu Says She Will Fix Things.

Anu Along With Malini Comes Back To Tripathi House. Anu Pretends In Front Of Everyone By Crying And Says That She Did All Of This For Malini. She Then Tells Malini To Stay At Her Home And Leave. Malini Then Apologizes To Aparna And Says To Her That They Should Plan Something For Aditya’s Arrival. Ruby And Nishant Taunt Her For Not Being Present When The Family Needed Her.

Aparna Ignores Her And Goes To The Temple And Collects The Arti Plate And Goes Towards The Gate. Pankaj Stops Her But She Says That Aditya Has Returned. The Whole Family Reaches Outside And Finds Aditya. She Scolds Her With Care And Says To Him That He Scared Her And He Shouldn’t Do This Again To Her.

While, Aditya’s Family Hug Him, And Arpita And Narmada Meet Aryan. Imlie Stands Alone And Gets Emotional And Is About To Leave, But Aryan Holds Her Hand And Stops Her. She Has Flashbacks Of All Tge Times He Held Her Hand And Supported Her. He Turns Towards Her And They Lock Eyes.

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