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Imlie tells Atharva that once he told her the truth, she would have released him from their relationship and come out of his life happily. Atharva is also crying. Imile wipes his tears and says she can bear her pain but not his as she loves him although he doesn’t love her. Atharva says that Imlie is so strong that even in so much pain she wipes away his tears; she shouldn’t forgive him for his mistake and should know who he was talking to on the phone. Imlie shouts that she doesn’t want to know and says that she was alone since childhood without her parents, she will remember today’s event forever. Atharva says he doesn’t deserve to be in Imlie’s memory and asks her not to cry for him. Imlie says she’s sacrificing everything she gets. He tries to comfort her. She stops him and says she wants to go home. asks Atharva at the moment. Imlie says her heart and her trust is broken, so she needs the comfort of loved ones who really love her.

Atharva drives Imlie to Rathore’s mansion. Imlie says she would have hired a taxi. Atharva says he already feels guilty. Imlie holds his hand as the car jumps. She then notices an old lady trying to cross, asks Atharva to stop the car and helps the old lady cross. Woman drops her suitcase. Imlie bends it and takes it. Athara also bows with her and helps old lady. Old lady blesses them. At the Ratore mansion, Chini tells Rathores that she will have a destination wedding and have a designer lehanga. Rupali asks how she suddenly changed her mind when she ran away from the marriage earlier. Imlie and Atharva enter. Rathores is happy to see them. Sundar asks if choti chipkali/lizard was so busy that she didn’t remember her uncle. Arpita says she knew Imile would miss Chini. Imlie says she missed them all very much and would therefore stay with them for a few days. Sundar asks if Atharva is also staying behind. Imlie says Atharva will go home. Atharva leaves thinking that he has really harmed Imlie.

After returning home, Atharva calls Chini. Chini rudely asks him not to call her again. Atharva says she called him repeatedly until yesterday and now he is trying to ignore him, he wants to talk about Imlie. Chini says she needs someone to buy her, reveals she is marrying someone else and asks him to focus on his life and forget about her. Atharva is shattered to hear that and thinks that Chini is hurt and that is why she made this decision. She should know that Imlie knows about it and will break down and shatter when she learns the truth from Chini. He prays to God to give Imlie strength to deal with it. Imlie cries looking at Sr Imlie’s picture and says her parents left her alone and now even Atharva has left her, she is so bad they all left her, Atharva loves someone else and it’s his right but destroying her life is not his right, etc.

Sundar notices Imlie crying and informs Arpita and Rupali. Rupali says something happened that Imlie Atharva didn’t even ask to stay behind. Arpita also shows her concern for Imlie. Imlie walks over to them. Arpita asks why she was crying. Imile says she is sad that Chini is getting married and would soon leave her. Arpita says she is hiding her pain as they are not her real parents. She will excuse her brother when she goes upstairs for not taking good care of his daughter. Imlie cries more as she hugs Arpita. Sundar asks her to reveal what really happened. Rupali asks if Atharva has said anything. Imlie says Atharva spoke the truth for the first time and revealed that he loves someone else. They all look at her face.

Precap: Imlie notices Chini hugging Atharva, separates them, slaps Chini and tells her that she never thought Chini would steal her husband like she used to steal her toys. She asks them why they betrayed her.