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While Atharva is driving back home he remembers Chini humiliating him and breaking up with im. Seeing Imlie sitting by a road, he stops his car and asks her what she’s doing here and if she’s okay. Imlie walks out of there and asks him to leave her alone. Atharva asks what’s wrong with her, why doesn’t she talk normally like she does, with love. Imlie asks him not to talk about love. He says she is right, even he hates love. Imlie says she’s a fool. Atharva says if she had been a fool she wouldn’t have been his friend. Imlie says he’s worried about losing a friend, but not about her love. Atharva asks her to stop it and accompany him. She says she walked alone and changed her habit after meeting him, she needs time to correct her habit. She leaves while Atharva stands still.

Chini waits for Abhishek at a restaurant and hopes Atharva doesn’t come back. Abhishek walks up to her and asks why she is waiting outside, it means she likes his company. Chini asks why he is late. He says a girl almost ran over his car, she was sad and he stopped to help her. Chini asks if he is trying to make her jealous. Abhishek says he is trying to impress her with his honesty as she did during their first meeting and offers her a diamond necklace. She says that then they will often meet, she is impressed by a boy who helped a stranger and asks him to put the necklace on her neck. He does. She says she’s different, but he’s more special than she is.

Rudra notices Chini walking out of Rana’s house with her bags and taunts her about how good he feels when he sees him struggling to get out of his house. Keya asks chant Chini what will happen to their plan when she leaves Rana’s house. Chini says that Keya is worried about her own plan and walks out. Imlie returns home and when she sees her with bags she asks if she is going somewhere. Chini says that Rupali has chosen a boy for her and she will now focus on her marriage. Imlie hugs her and prays God to write her luck on Imlie’s account. Chini walks to her taxi when Atharva returns and asks her if she is going somewhere. Chini says she’s going home. Rudra taunts that God let Chini get some rest as they got now. Rudra begs her to listen to him. Atharva looks at Imlie. Chini returns Imlie’s earrings and leaves in her cab.

Atharva, back in his room, sadly remembers Chini breaking up with him. Imlie walks over to him. Atharva says she finally talked to him and asks to reveal what is bothering her. Imlie tells him to reveal what’s bothering him. Atharva says he wanted to talk a lot but no one listened to him. Imlie says he should have revealed that he loves someone else when she first met him, during their engagement, during marriage, etc. Atharva asks how she found out. Imlie says she heard him talking to his lover. She pours out her heart, says he is an intruder who has entered her heart. Atharva tries to apologize. Imlie warns him not to apologize to her and continues…

Precap: Imlie notices Chini hugging Atharva, separates them, slaps Chini and tells her that she never thought Chini would steal her husband like she used to steal her toys. She asks them why they betrayed her.