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Imlie takes the blame from Atharva. The police arrest Imlie for reckless driving and damaging a few people’s property. Atharva panics and asks the inspector not to arrest his wife. Rudra calls his lawyer. Keya and Divya comment on Imlie. Atharva warns them to stop with their comments. The police get Imlie into a jeep and take her away. Atharva gets in the car to follow them and finds Imlie’s watch on the passenger seat. He remembers the incident and realizes that Imlie took the blame to save him. Abhishek calls Rupali and tells her that he has never met an honest person like Chini in his life. Rupali thinks Chini finally has someone of her caliber. Arpita informs Rupali and Sundar that Imlie has been arrested.

Atharva reaches the police station and argues with Imlie as she blames herself. The inspector asks to stop fighting and explain. Atharva does some pranks and explains that he was driving and not Imlie and she is trying to protect him. Imlie asks him to stop lying. The inspector stops Atharva and says that Imlie should be arrested for hiding the truth. He will then not leave her until he thoroughly investigates this matter. Atharva insists on even arresting him and does more pranksters singing a rap song and tearing up Imlie’s bail papers. The inspector puts him behind bars along with Imlie. Lawyer tells Rudra that he will get their bail tomorrow morning as today is Sunday. Rudra laughs and agrees.

Chini informs Rupali what Atharva did. Rupali says it’s good to see Atharva’s romantic side and asks Chini not to get jealous as Abhishek would soon be angry with him too. Chini says Atharva couldn’t afford her tea in a real restaurant and took her to a roadside tapri/tea stand. Rupali reveals that Abhishek owns his restaurant chain. Chini is surprised and thinks she thought she was different, but Abhishek is different too. Rupali says good boys show class and don’t brag about their wealth. Dinner is served for Atharva and Imlie. Atharva says he cannot eat without a spoon. She teaches him to eat with hands. Later, Imlie is shivering from the cold and can’t sleep. Atharva asks if she is okay. Imlie stammers yes. He asks her to come closer and rubs her hand. Imlie thinks that if someone is in love, she should know if Atharva loves her.

Atharva plays music with plate and glass and sings a song. Agents join him, followed by Inspector Enjoy. Atharva asks Inspector if he liked his song, he has to let him go. Agents ask him too. The Inspector says he enjoys his duty, but doesn’t get carried away and now asks him to sleep. Atharva tells Imlie who is disembarking just like her. Imlie says yes. He says he can do anything for her. She says that they would spend all life together. Atharva gets serious and thinks he wants to spend his life with Chini instead. Chini informs Anu that she now likes Abhishek as she was never interested in Arto and was just after his money. Arto could not get his property rights from his father and therefore cannot fulfill her demands, which Abhishek can now. Anu figures out how she will then get revenge on Imlie and reminds her to take Imlie’s everything and Atharva. Chini says she will do it another way.

Atharva and Imlie return home. Devika is happy to welcome them. Keya notes whether they are from prison or a movie theater. Devika says that Imlie and Atharva complement each other. She asks Atharva and Imlie to keep their adventures alive and stay together. Atharva walks with family. Arpita asks Imlie if she is okay. She smiles. Rupali says she is glowing which means she has fallen in love with Atharva. Arpita asks her to ask Atharva if he loves her too. Imlie says she will see him tonight and smiles at Atharva.

Precap: Imlie feels heartbroken when she hears Atharva tell someone/Chini that he loves her and not Imlie. Atharva notices her and tries to explain. Imlie says it’s better if they split up.